May Goals

Pay off school loans

Oh. my. goodness. $900 to go! That’s basically like nothing! (Well, at least in comparison to what is was before…) It’s been tough, my god it has been TOUGH, but I’m proud that I’ve come this far and can see the end in sight!

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Take myself on a date once a month

So, I didn’t really fulfill this goal this month. Or if I did, I don’t remember it, which isn’t a good sign…. BUT I did treat myself to quite a few new things that were on crazy 40-50% sales 🙂 A new dress (it has tennis rackets on it! eek!) a new retro-style one piece bathing suit (swoon) and a bunch of adorable summer PJs! Plus two new tops. I’m going to Maine in late June/early July for a family get together, and I’d been envisioning a lot of red, white and blue, my absolute favorite color combination, and so I had to go out and buy a few things 🙂

The sun has officially come with a vengeance in Seattle! I even got a sunburn! (I’m not exactly proud of this, but I swear at times it felt like I would never see the sun again this winter…) While I’ve lived in Seattle, I’ve gotten pretty used to a very distinct summer and winter wardrobe change, right around early May and late October. A couple weeks ago I packed up all my wool-everything and brought out my summer clothes. Normally this is a really exciting moment for me, because at this point I’ve kind of forgotten about some of the clothes and it feels like I just went on a shopping spree. But this time, things felt a little different. 1. Not everything fit me (more on that later) and 2. A lot of the clothes felt old, sad, frayed, or just too young for me. I realized that I lot of these clothes, dresses and shorts mostly, dated back to college, or when I first moved to Seattle. Obviously things aren’t going to hold up that well after 5+ years, but for some reason I just clung to them. Of course clothes are really expensive. And finding clothes that fit me is near-impossible. But still, I created a “to donate” pile almost immediately.

Over the years, I’ve definitely become more conservative. I just don’t feel comfortable in super tight, super colorful, or even slightly short clothes anymore. I need to find grown up clothes that fit my style and my size, and I think that’s worth splurging on a little.

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Do something politically active once a month

This month I donated $75 to Planned Parenthood. They were matching donations that day, so I knew my money would go farther. I’m downright scared for the fate the United States and THE WORLD when it comes down to women’s health and reproductive rights. We all have an immediate need to do SOMEthing in this regard. Donate money if you can, sign a petition, call your representative, volunteer… do SOMEthing.

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Set monthly exercise goals

So, like I mentioned before, a lot of my clothes aren’t fitting me.

At this point, I’ve been regularly going to the gym for a few months now. I’ve gotten a better handle on my levels of stress at work. My home life is much less stressful now, really than it’s ever been.

I should reiterate, a lot of those clothes that don’t fit are from 3-7 years old. I am getting older. Maybe, just maybe, this is the size my body wants to be now. But then I look on Instagram at friends from high school and college and they are SO SKINNY. How?! Do they just work out every day? Do they eat next to nothing? I just don’t get it! How can I have gained 30 pounds since high school and they look EVEN BETTER than they did in high school? Of course, when I realized I was being super unhealthy and gazing at pictures of my friends in bikinis. I decided that I needed to unfollow them. It was just making me feel horrible on a near daily basis. Until I’m ok with how I look, I think it’s better this way.

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I did gain more weight when John and I got together (4 years ago now). This could mean two things… he cooks delicious food, but sometimes unhealthy food, and maybe that’s affecting our weight, OR hormones typically go through a change at the start of a relationship (you know what I mean). Back in January, I went to the doctor and she encouraged me to mess around with my hormones in a new way and so this may be changing things in my body even further. I’ve decided to give it until the end of June before I make a decision in that regard.

So the final option is diet. I think it’s time to actually put myself on a diet (EW. EW. EW.) and try to eat healthier. Less meat, less carbs, MORE veggies, MORE fruit, NO soda. Sweets and some wine is fine, just in moderation. I’m going to need to talk to John about all of this because he does 100% of the cooking, but I think it’s worth a try.

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Do something special for John once a month

John’s birthday is in May. Like all things about John, he is very difficult when it comes to his birthday. He hates celebrating it… yet I know if I pretended to forget about it he would be furious. So, I tiptoe around it. Honestly, it upsets me a little, but because I LOVE birthdays and I think they are a BIG deal.

So this year, I thought of a good workaround. John really wanted to surprise the kids with a trip to a rollercoaster theme park this summer, and found out that the tickets would be a fraction of the cost if we went a weekend in May. So we started planning and I offered to cover the hotels rooms, as his birthday present. Because let’s be honest, we went 50% to surprise the kids (they were totally, completely surprised) and 50% because John absolutely loves rollercoasters more than anything. He agreed and this was an easy way to feel like I was celebrating him. Minus a few preteen moments (and terrible weather at the park) the weekend went really well and John had so much fun.


On his birthday day, the weather reached the hottest it’s been since last September, which is NOT good John weather. We had agreed to meet at the mall so he could pick out some clothes for summer and his upcoming trip to Virginia and we found a ton of great things on sale, so I treated him to some new pants and a couple shirts.

Trying to test things a little further, I mentioned that I was absolutely famished and would he mind grabbing dinner downtown? He looked suspicious, but I think I played it up pretty well because I was honestly famished! I suggested somewhere casual, but as we were running our last errand I casually pulled up a menu for Radiator Whiskey, a place I’d been dying to go for years, and he agreed. The restaurant was pretty great, not fancy at all, but still fun and eclectic, and the food and drinks were excellent- definitely our kind of place. The only set back was that it was the same temperature inside as it was outside. He was a good sport, (maybe because of the fried chicken and whiskey…) and I think he actually had a really good birthday 🙂

Meditate everyday

I’ve gotten better about meditating and really making time at work so that I’m not as stressed out. It’s made a big difference! Things will change quite a bit in the next month at work, and I’m going to have to take that change in stride and really focus and keep refocusing on staying away from stress and remaining calm. I’m going to continue to take some time every day to just breathe through it.

Make a new friend

I haven’t been successful here. As much as I know that this is a priority, I’m approaching my favorite season and hobby- reading magazines or books outside on a blanket in the sun… totally alone. John has been in Virginia for the past week with his family, and as much as I’ve missed him, I really, truly have enjoyed this alone time. I just need alone time more than most people and when things get crazy, I need my alone time even more.

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Other things in May…

We saw cats playing beautiful music at Pike Place…

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…but they aren’t as cute as my cats…

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March & April Goals

Apparently I completely blanked on March last month, I suppose figuring my late February post and Austin/SXSW posts covered everything. I think I missed a few things!

Pay off school loans.

I just checked, and as of today I only have $1,500 to go! That means I should be free as a bird in August! I figure that in August I’ll start planning a slightly larger trip for myself to get through crappy Seattle winter.  How I hope 2016/2017 doesn’t repeat itself again next year! Did you know… this is the rainiest winter that Seattle has EVER HAD? As in since they have been monitoring rainfall. As in, since the 1800’s. WHY DO I LIVE HERE?!

Just kidding, Seattle is beautiful, and even better in the rain, honest. But I think everyone in the city is going a little nuts. Last week I was working from home in the morning and when I walked outside there were 7 police cars on the street. Apparently a shooter was on the loose! There have been a huge increase in people with knives or guns lately and it really takes a toll on you. I almost never feel safe anymore, and that’s really sad.


Take myself on a date once a month. 


My April self-date really blew me away. It was Seattle Restaurant Week and I chose someplace close to home, that was newish, but I’d heard really good things. When I arrived for my Tavolata reservation (at 5:15 because I’m an old person) the space was empty, but very pretty. Modern, but warm with lots of wood and big windows. My three courses were bruschetta, gnocchi, and a lemon dessert. The bruschetta was incredible, a smoked salmon with pickled red onions on top (sounds like a weird combo, but OH) and the bread was perfect, toasted, but still dense and chewy. The gnocchi was so good I could have cried… pillowy and soft, and the flavors, cheese, spinach, pork jowl… it was so comforting and delicious. The dessert was a big surprise for me! The only dessert that mentioned chocolate was something that also said lemon, a combo I’m not used to, but I just don’t consider dessert anything without chocolate to be dessert. When they presented the little doughnuts (by this time the restaurant was bursting with crowds of girlfriends, double dates and coworkers at happy hour) I was so surprised, but very, very happy. I was already so full I felt like passing out, but I pushed through and ate ALL of them. The doughnuts had a lemon-y flavor, but it wasn’t overpowering, and the rich dark chocolate dipping sauce was incredible. I’m not sure my next self-date could top that one!


Do something politically active once a month. 

This month I donated $75 to World Relief Seattle. One of my coworker’s wife works there and they’ve come in to teach us more about the refugee status in politics, which is pretty scary right now. Zach and Caitlin will be biking across Washington state in Sea Tri Kan, to raise awareness and funds for refugees. If you’re interested in donating, you can support a rider here.

Next month is Give Big and I will be supporting Planned Parenthood. All donations will be matched!

Set monthly exercise goals. 

I made the mistake of weighing myself at the gym today and I didn’t love what I saw. Even though I’ve been consistent, I haven’t seen a huge change in my body since joining the gym. I have noticed that things are a little tighter, a little less jiggly. I’m hoping that once I can stop stressing out about work so much, and once I figure out what’s going on my dang hormones, I’ll see a bigger difference.


Do something special for John once a month.

John and I discussed my April gift so far in advance that I actually forgot to order it until last week! Technically it won’t arrive until May 2nd/3rd, but these car accessories will arrive just before we take big road trip across the state, so it will work out great! Plus, John has completely forgotten about the conversation that we had such a long time ago that he will be 100% surprised once they arrive!


In March I was excited to take John to the annual Seattle Public Library book sale. Instead of letting me pay for his books (18 books for only 26 dollars!) he asked if we could get brunch first at a cute little place around the corner. It ended up being a rainy but fun day and the book sale was PACKED with a line around the corner. I ended up taking home more books than John 🙂


Meditate everyday. 

I admit, I’ve been particularly bad at this this month. Needless to say, work has been challenging. Like -having a panic attack at work and crying in the bathroom- challenging. I’ve tried to not take it home with me, but it’s been really tough. I keep trying to make everything right and somehow things just snowball so quickly in this job. I need to make more time to meditate, but in April I have to say that working from home has been helpful. I stop to take a couple minutes between tasks to read an article, cuddle my cats or make toast, and that helps a lot.


Make a new friend. 

Negative, but we had the kids for one week during their Spring Break and that actually went over really nicely. John stayed home and I worked, but we planned out lots of fun things to do with them, mixed in with some lazy days too. Their preteen moodiness is pretty unbearable at times, but Spring Break went so smoothly that I’m feeling a LOT better about this summer! (Look at how tall they’re getting! It’s nuts!)


Oh and Casie came back! One of my best friends had been traveling the world with her boyfriend for 6 months and is back in town!


Other things from April…


  • John and I took the kids to the Science March and it was so cute, Gabriel was so energized afterwards, talking about how he’s going to save the planet! We then went to Jack’s BBQ for a super tasty lunch and then did a Costco trip. I’m such a boring mom now, but that was such a fun day!


  • John and I saw the cherry blossoms at University of Washington and they were just as pretty as I imagined that they would be. We walked around the gorgeous campus, walked around the Ave and the farmers market and then got lunch. A perfect day!


  • We sold our white chrome dining table set for a wood table and cafe chairs like I’ve always wanted! I’ll miss our 50’s table, but it’s nice to not see EVERY crumb all the time.

Other things in March…


  • I went to a self defense class in Belltown (and saw awesome graffiti outside). I felt 100% silly, but it’s an important thing to do and I’m proud of myself for getting out there and feeling silly with hundreds of strangers!


  • We had a soup swap at work! John had SO MUCH FUN making our submission, a classic southern Brunswick Stew, and spent almost a full day on it. I took home 7 soups and we’ve had 2 “Soup Parties” with the kids so far, testing out a couple each time, and they think it’s so fun… plus we don’t have to cook 🙂


  • There was ONE DAY in March where the sun shone all day long and it was amazing. I went to see Beauty and the Beast at the Cinerama (and cried like 8 times) and then walked home and snapped this perfect picture of Seattle spring at The Saint. Now if we could just have a few more days like this… I would be content.


A couple weeks ago I texted John and said if “I don’t get out of here or have some sort of spa day I may lose my mind”. In a totally unexpected move, John suggested that we leave town… the next day. I fully admit, John and I are not spur of the moment people. Doing something like this was downright crazy in our minds. So where did we go? Bellingham.


Depending on where you’re from, you either just heard the sad “whomp whomp” noise in your head or sat at the edge of your seat, wanting to read more. John and I have met several people who have either grown up in Bellingham or attended college there. It’s such a great place! they said. You’ll love how cute it is! they told us. So John and I had pretty high expectations on what we would find there, expecting an idyllic college town. I made the mistake of looking up the population of the town before we left… 85,000 people. How could that be a college down? That’s smaller than the town I grew up in!

We woke up Saturday morning with a start. John sat up at 4am and announced “I left my car in a construction zone!” He sprung out of bed and sure enough found that his car had been towed. Somehow, John had avoided getting his car towed in Seattle for the past 9 YEARS… which I found really impressive (in SF I feel like this happens to people at least once a year) but he was really annoyed. We picked up the car just fine, but there was a hefty bill for him to pay. So… not the best start to the weekend.

We headed to Bellingham in stop and go traffic, and feeling pretty exhausted. It was such an odd feeling driving into Bellingham. We kept expecting some indication of a city or suburbs, but up until 1 mile away from the town we saw dense forest on both sides of the highway. We stayed in the Sheraton in town and were really impressed by the hotel, it looked new, was incredibly clean and was pretty stylish too! The only downside was that the pool was in an atrium and echoed a ton when kids were splashing around.


John and I immediately headed out to explore downtown and by the recommendation of the concierge, we went to the farmers market first. Oh my it was a cute farmers market! You know that episode of Gilmore Girls were there town is taken over by competing troubadours? It was JUST like that! And as adorable as Stars Hallow too. Every 5 feet or so there was some new person or group singing, usually white, hippy-looking, and singing some bluegrass music (lots of fiddle). The sun was shining. The food looked incredible. Everyone looked happy. Part of the farmers market was even in a covered plaza and heated! I think the crowds and music was a little too much for us in that moment, after waking up so early and then sitting in traffic for such a long time. We decided to leave to find something to eat. So we walked. And walked. And walked. Downtown was cute, but fairly small. We kept thinking we’d run into SOMEthing that looked tasty, but we were mostly unimpressed with the options. Want pizza? Bellingham is the place for you! Finally John said, “I have a good feeling about this block” and we turned and saw Fiamma Burger. At that point we were famished and anything would have tasted good, but we really lucked out because Fiamma Burger was really cute, had a great selection and the food tasted really incredible. And again, everyone seemed happy and friendly!

With our newfound energy, we decided to walk to the college campus. “I think it’s that way” and we headed in that direction. The weather reports had repeatedly told us that Bellingham would be cold, windy and rainy. Instead, it was sunnier than Seattle has been in 6 months! I peeled off my jacket, then my wool sweater and was sweating through my cotton long sleeve. I was really regretting my wool socks and Gore Tex boots! After walking along a path for two miles, we realized that the campus was actually up a ginormous hill! We walked two miles back to downtown and decided it was time for a nap. We did a quick drive along the water (I bet Hotel Bellweather views are beautiful) and drove up the campus (so tiny! but the trees were really nice).

We had intended on grabbing dinner in Fairhaven or on the waterfront, but we ended up being so sleepy that we only left that night to get snacks at the Whole Foods across the street and ordered room service. We fell asleep watching Chopped (we are such boring old people, I know). We woke up bright and early, feeling super rested and I was so excited to be taking John on a hike. For those who know us well, I know… but John really did hike! I had heard of a short hike near waterfalls that was just 2 miles from our hotel and knew we had to make a stop. It ended up being absolutely gorgeous and words can’t really express it. If anything, it was a scenic walk and Whatcom Falls would be a great hike/walk with kids or for a date.


After the hike, we decided to grab brunch in downtown Bellingham, giving it one more try. John loves Cajun food, so we decided to give Bayou on Bay a try. The interior was pretty funky, and John loved his brisket and blackened alligator, but mine was comically terrible. Literally every part of my meal was inedible, my gravy was super spicy, my meat was so overcooked it was too tough to chew and my biscuit was whatever the opposite of fluffy is, and it was cold! John, sweet man he is, tried my food and offered for me to take his instead, but I refused. I actually ended up loving the fried okra and ended up just eating a bunch of fried okra for breakfast.


I bet Bellingham is a great place to grow up, but I have a tough time seeing it as a college town… it was just way too sleepy. I think we were hoping for a little more good food options, and maybe a few cute stores. Most people we met were very friendly, it was actually kind of disorienting coming from cranky Seattle! It was really nice to get out the city, see some sun, and escape for a little bit. All in all, we saw what we needed in Bellingham.

Around Austin

As long as I can remember, I’ve wanted to go to Austin, Texas. I always heard a lot of good things about the city, and I imagined it’d be the Berkley of Texas (and the only part of Texas I had any real interest going to). I didn’t know much about the city, except that there would probably be live music, tacos and barbecue. Oh, and Whip It was filmed there.

I like to be prepared when I travel and I have shelves of travel books full of places I have and haven’t yet been. On one hand, I think being in a place that’s unknown is exciting and good for me at times, but I quickly turn anxious and scared when I’m in a place that is 100% unfamiliar. I had picked up this tiny Austin guide book a few months ago. Once I got it home and read through the first couple of pages, I was confused… this wasn’t a guide book at all! I put it down and forgot about it for a while. As the trip approached, I started to realize that I was going to need to do SOME research in order to know my way around town, so I tried out the book one more time. What I found in this teeny tiny book blew my mind. There are short stories, which I had originally thought were super-corny, that were some of the best writing I’ve ever read. I’d even encourage someone who isn’t going to Austin to read those stories, because they are that good! There were a handful of names on where to eat, where to shop, etc, but they required a little extra research. As I approached my trip, I knew what restaurants I wanted to eat in, the best bookshop in town, and I had a pretty good idea of how to get around town.

The first day of the trip was mostly travel. We landed in overcast, super-humid weather and then headed out for some drinks at a super cute neighborhood bar, The Beer Plant. Their vegan platter was super tasty and the rose hit the spot! We were staying in Tarrytown, a more well-off neighborhood, and everyone in the restaurant was part of a large group, most people had kids, and everyone was dressed in a very trendy bohemian style.


The next day was our SXSW workshop, the reason why we were in Austin. I wanted to grab breakfast beforehand, but as a pulled up to Nau’s Enfield Drug I started getting panicked texts from the team. I told myself I’d stop in really quick, but I kept getting more anxious as time went on. The inside of Nau’s was much shabbier than I expected, with sparse shelves and worn down… everything. I ordered an omelet from two befuddled college kids and scarfed it down even though it wasn’t very good. The best part though was when I asked for the best directions to get to the Convention Center and everyone working (all 4 people) popped up and chipped in their two cents with the best way to get downtown. I was hilarious in a “is this really happening?” kind of way and totally amazed me how friendly people could be. I think more than I realized at the time, I was pretty stressed out. Totally out of character, that day I ended up getting a bunch of canker sores on my tongue and hives on my skin. In a major way I was glad that the workshop was over and I could try to enjoy the rest of my time in Austin!


It downpoured all day, but that night I went to dinner at a popular BBQ restaurant, Stubb’s. It was packed and the service wasn’t great, but a picture of Barack Obama at Stubb’s greeted us at the door and we had a feeling we weren’t going to be disappointed. The interior was pretty cute, with spruced-up shanty look. The food came on metal trays and my hard cider came in a tall can. My brisket and sides were pretty good, but I wasn’t super keen on my ribs or pulled pork, both tasted pretty dry and not very smoky.

The next day was my first day without worrying about work and I really made it count! I woke up early, bundled up (it was one of the coldest days Austin had all winter! We were really unlucky with the weather while we were there) and headed to Jo’s Coffee in downtown Austin. I’ll admit it now… I went to Jo’s Coffee two mornings in a row. I ordered a coffee, an orange juice and two potato breakfast tacos both days. The interior of Jo’s was very cute, with cute furniture and great music, but it got very crowded. The first day I got there early enough to snag a spot at the counter where I read the newspaper and devoured the best breakfast tacos of my life. They were just eggs, cheese and potatoes, but they blew my mind! The second morning I went to Jo’s I chatted with a Jo’s Coffee regular Austinite and let her go ahead of me in line because stupid SXSW hipsters were taking over her town. She told me that she and her friends didn’t really mind, because everything in town for SXSW made Austin feel more like a real city to them.


After a long morning of sessions, and getting to hear Christina Tosi speak (!!!), I took one of my longest walks of my trip to a neighborhood called South Congress. It was definitely a really fun, eclectic neighborhood with great restaurants and colorful signage. I wish I had had more time to browse the shops, but I mostly wandered until I found something good to eat. I stumbled across June’s on accident. It was on my list of places to go, but I had thought it was in a different neighborhood. The adorable patio really drew me in, with the bright blue bistro chairs, faux marble table tops, and tiny succulents. The wait staff was so genuinely sweet and attentive and my croque madame was pretty darn tasty! After taking a million pictures and thoroughly enjoying my meal (though it ended up being pretty chilly outside!) I went inside to pay and saw… Christina Tosi! So now I know that we have the same taste in restaurants and we’re basically meant to be BFF’s forever.


I headed back towards downtown but really wished I could’ve explored South Congress just a little more! Here are a few pictures of the neighborhood…


Later that evening I took a walk to Book People because I love checking out book stores in other cities. It was a large store, but it felt fairly empty and somewhat generic. I left with a few magazines for the flight and a tiny toiletry bag with the definition of feminism printed on the outside 🙂


The next day I took another long walk from my final session to 24 Diner for lunch, which was another place that was on my list. They were packed and the interior was adorable, modern, but also retro. I managed to snag a seat at the counter, and another newspaper! The bartender/my server wasn’t particularly friendly, but he was super attentive and brought my the best fried chicken and gravy that I’d eaten in a LONG time. It was an excellent lunch and definitely a place I’d go back to again!


Summing Up SXSW 2017

I wasn’t really sure what to expect from SXSW. I’ve known a few people who have gone, but only for the music or the film portions. I was worried that the conference might be uptight or schmoozy, but it really didn’t feel that way to me!

I spent most of my time on subjects that mattered to me, like food and fashion, and saw so many truly badass, super powerful women speak. Every. Single. Session tied back to social media. Everyone is using social media to get their message out there and engaging with new audiences! Every session I attended reassured me that what I do, and what I’m most passionate about, IS important and is truly groundbreaking.


3:30 The Smart Kitchen: Cooking Better with Technology

Lisa Fetterman from Nomiku was a super high energy, fun and sassy speaker. I learned so much about sous vide! Sous vide is growing faster in adoption than microwaves and color television. Her idea behind sous vide is to provide people with ready to make meals as well, just like the microwave.

She got some pretty harsh questions about how expensive the products are (about $250) but the panelist from IDEO said that we should be focusing on what’s actually good for you, good food that’s healthy is actually cheap (rice, beans, greens) and food that’s expensive (meat) isn’t as good for you. If people buy a sous vide, they’re actually saving both time and money because they’re eating out less and eating healthier because it’s home-cooked.


5:00 The Urbanization of Beer, Wine & Spirits

Many people think of breweries, distilleries and wineries to be located outside of cities (after Prohibition, most alcohol fled the cities), but many companies are changing this. It’s harder to get customers to stop in when you’re located in the middle of nowhere, like a rural destination for wine tasting or a brewery tour. Rent is more expensive and permits are harder to come by in cities, but it’s worth it to build a community where everyone is comfortable stopping in and trying something new. City locations are pushing them to be more creative, the culture is young and vibrant, and drinkers want to know more about the alcohol that they’re enjoying.



9:30 Community Comes First: the New Retail Norm

I stood in a line that wrapped around the block for this one! I was most interested in hearing from the Pinterest representative, but Under Armor and a online retail store were there too. With Instagram, the community is very engaging. You don’t need to know the people you follow, but you will meet up with them in person because you feel like you know them. The Pinterest community is mostly online networking only, but it generates ideas and creativity. Facebook is a small community of friends and family, and influencers don’t work here.

It’s important to look for shared interests and goals in your community, give them something of value. Networks are great for feedback, but keep in mind that the most vocal member isn’t always the most important voice to listen to (aka trolls). If you use influencers, they have to relate to the brand. A lot of influencers don’t work because it feels empty, they don’t feel like the brand. It’s more about the quality of the influencer than quantity of their followers.

11:00 Courageous Creativity: Dreaming and Doing

Oh my she was so cute, and she got a standing ovation at the end! I almost skipped this one, but it ended up being my favorite session of all. I don’t consider myself a creative person, but after watching her speak, I realized I’m probably holding myself back.

  • Images- Use Pinterest or bulletin boards to generate ideas.
  • Surround yourself by people you trust
  • Create conditions for creativity. Look at your patterns- when do you feel most creative? Recreate that!
  • Laughter + play = brilliance. Some of her best ideas came from when she was goofing off.
  • Show people your ideas and they will likely say yes. Tell people and they will likely say no. The idea shes the most proud of is 29 rooms.
  • Don’t put a gun to your head/ dance monkey dance- this will never spark creativity.
  • You can find a different version of her presentation here:

12:30 17 Ways Breakfast is Transforming America

I was most excited for this session because I LOVE Christina Tosi! Some of my favorite tid-bits:

  • Now people eat breakfast all day, this has really changed over the years.
  • Now people go on brunch dates and meet up over breakfast instead of a power lunch.
  • Christina Tosi was a picky eater, but her mom let her eat any cereal that she wanted, but the mom could pour as much milk over it as she wanted. The start of cereal milk!
  • Everything has an egg on it now, more foods can be considered breakfast food.
  • Squirl- Avocado toast. She gets her inspiration from the markets, Oct to Feb avocados aren’t in season, they’re too expensive and aren’t flavorful. The toast is their 3rd most ordered item on the menu, but avocados will have an even shorter season this year. She hopes that other restaurants follow her lead on this
  • Breakfast sends a lot of mixed messages- what’s good for me? What’s hip?
  • Christina- “I’m the most creative when I back myself into a corner and have to make something good.”
  • Flavors have to appeal “This makes sense in my mouth”
  • Tim Love- “Every morning we start fresh, no hustle and bustle, no distractions. My family eats breakfast together.”
  • Liquids are the future of breakfast. More restaurants will open for breakfast.
  • People want savory breakfast with a bite of sweet at the end, just like dinner and dessert
  • People look for familiarity in breakfast but it’s changing, now people crave variety.
  • Starting Sqirl came from a humble place, every day you open the door and hope people can come. They wanted a local Cheers vibe and have a loyal base of customers.


3:30 Good Night and Good Luck: Media in Election Years

I actually wasn’t planning on attending this session, it was my “back up”. Needless to say I am VERY happy that my first choice filled up. This session blew my mind and I was feverishly taking notes throughout this panel. It might not make sense, but here are some of my rabid scribbles:

  • We should learn more about politics,  we should understand polls better
  • Not everything will change because Trump is president. 
  • The NYT actually laid out what his presidency would look like, journalists should have done more of that.
  • If the majority of the population thinks crazy things, there’s almost nothing you can do at that point. 
  • Sometimes people just don’t believe the facts. Emotional narratives meant more than facts in this election, how do we make this relevant to people?
  • You can’t control TV news, you can only do your job.
  • TV news is now for middle America now, it didn’t used to be that way.
  • Elitists and parties lead the votes- with great power comes great responsibility. Satire punctures power, gives some catharsis. Comedy lifts your spirits and give you courage.
  • The Bush era seems quaint now.
  • Satire TV show: We’re not church. We’re preaching to the choir so the choir can sing.
  • If Hillary had won, no one would be reading us, the news would be boring.
  • We can’t be hysterical, it turns people off, emotions aren’t good, upbeat and open is good, Trump likes to paint liberals as crazed.
  • Trump never gave journalists any information, Clinton gave them an avalanche. Trump’s campaign didn’t answer his questions, but gave their answers on CNN to make him look like he had holes in his story, he did that to a lot of NY publications.
  • There’s never been trust in media, no eden, no great period of journalism.
  • The NYT doesn’t really represent black southerner, a Chicano farmer. We need to be aware of thing. 
  • Trump tweets are Nixon in real time.
  • Trump relies on the media more than anyone, he needs us. He watches hours of TV everyday, his tweets are him yelling at the TV, he reads everything. Trump heard about Sessions in the Post, Pence hears about things from the media. The media gets things to Trump. We’ve never had that kind of power before.
  • He’s profiting off of his presidency, it’s iffy, it’s gross.
  • We need people on the inside to help the press, we need to give them the info that they need. With Spence, we need to have solidarity with news outlets “Thank you, but I would like you to answer his question first.”
  • Cambridge analytica- How to emotionally sway people to do what you want them to do
  • We vote with our dollars every day, we cannot underestimate this. Slate plus is worth the money.
  • Academic press is willing to share information, needs more collaboration, academics they want to share their work with the masses.
  • Send people who ask good questions and don’t get nervous on TV, this is the only time that the White House has to answer our questions on TV.  


5:00 The Changing Face of Beauty and Fashion

Editors from Allure, Conde Nast and Cosmopolitan spoke. Analytics didn’t used to be important to them, but they are changing the game now. Print and digital are very different numbers, and there’s very little overlap. They use analytics as one data point, because someone may not be famous now, but could be in the future. Go with your gut, and put the woman first.

YouTube is diverse, fun and shows real personality. There’s so much sameness, and they’re trying to find originality. There’s too much noise, too saturated. They don’t like perfection anymore. It’s good to stumble on beauty. 



9:30 Deeper the Dish: Ideology of a Movement

This one broke my heart a little bit. Only about 10-15 people showed up and it was in a huge room. Most of the people who attended were family or friends of the speakers.

The restauranteurs seemed a little out of sync and weren’t very prepared. It might’ve been because it was so early, or the attendance was big, but their energy was low, and they didn’t seem excited to be there. A couple things I was able to glean: 

  • Social media is the main way that they advertise, but they do PR too.
  • They don’t eat out often, but when they do they are habit eaters or they are traveling.
  • Copenhagen is doing some cool stuff.
  • Emmer and Rye makes soy sauce out of bread.


11:00 The Fashion Designer in the Age of Social Media

Marc Jacobs is just joyful and adorable. He made me laugh and I really enjoyed how honest he was about much much he loves had hates social media. There was a question, “What’s it like to be Marc Jacobs right now?” He though about it for a second, smiled a little and said something like, “I work up in Austin, ate pancakes and bacon for breakfast, had fun with my friends and now I’m here, talking to you. I would have to say that my life is pretty great right now.” Everyone burst into applause.