March & April Goals

Apparently I completely blanked on March last month, I suppose figuring my late February post and Austin/SXSW posts covered everything. I think I missed a few things!

Pay off school loans.

I just checked, and as of today I only have $1,500 to go! That means I should be free as a bird in August! I figure that in August I’ll start planning a slightly larger trip for myself to get through crappy Seattle winter.  How I hope 2016/2017 doesn’t repeat itself again next year! Did you know… this is the rainiest winter that Seattle has EVER HAD? As in since they have been monitoring rainfall. As in, since the 1800’s. WHY DO I LIVE HERE?!

Just kidding, Seattle is beautiful, and even better in the rain, honest. But I think everyone in the city is going a little nuts. Last week I was working from home in the morning and when I walked outside there were 7 police cars on the street. Apparently a shooter was on the loose! There have been a huge increase in people with knives or guns lately and it really takes a toll on you. I almost never feel safe anymore, and that’s really sad.


Take myself on a date once a month. 


My April self-date really blew me away. It was Seattle Restaurant Week and I chose someplace close to home, that was newish, but I’d heard really good things. When I arrived for my Tavolata reservation (at 5:15 because I’m an old person) the space was empty, but very pretty. Modern, but warm with lots of wood and big windows. My three courses were bruschetta, gnocchi, and a lemon dessert. The bruschetta was incredible, a smoked salmon with pickled red onions on top (sounds like a weird combo, but OH) and the bread was perfect, toasted, but still dense and chewy. The gnocchi was so good I could have cried… pillowy and soft, and the flavors, cheese, spinach, pork jowl… it was so comforting and delicious. The dessert was a big surprise for me! The only dessert that mentioned chocolate was something that also said lemon, a combo I’m not used to, but I just don’t consider dessert anything without chocolate to be dessert. When they presented the little doughnuts (by this time the restaurant was bursting with crowds of girlfriends, double dates and coworkers at happy hour) I was so surprised, but very, very happy. I was already so full I felt like passing out, but I pushed through and ate ALL of them. The doughnuts had a lemon-y flavor, but it wasn’t overpowering, and the rich dark chocolate dipping sauce was incredible. I’m not sure my next self-date could top that one!


Do something politically active once a month. 

This month I donated $75 to World Relief Seattle. One of my coworker’s wife works there and they’ve come in to teach us more about the refugee status in politics, which is pretty scary right now. Zach and Caitlin will be biking across Washington state in Sea Tri Kan, to raise awareness and funds for refugees. If you’re interested in donating, you can support a rider here.

Next month is Give Big and I will be supporting Planned Parenthood. All donations will be matched!

Set monthly exercise goals. 

I made the mistake of weighing myself at the gym today and I didn’t love what I saw. Even though I’ve been consistent, I haven’t seen a huge change in my body since joining the gym. I have noticed that things are a little tighter, a little less jiggly. I’m hoping that once I can stop stressing out about work so much, and once I figure out what’s going on my dang hormones, I’ll see a bigger difference.


Do something special for John once a month.

John and I discussed my April gift so far in advance that I actually forgot to order it until last week! Technically it won’t arrive until May 2nd/3rd, but these car accessories will arrive just before we take big road trip across the state, so it will work out great! Plus, John has completely forgotten about the conversation that we had such a long time ago that he will be 100% surprised once they arrive!


In March I was excited to take John to the annual Seattle Public Library book sale. Instead of letting me pay for his books (18 books for only 26 dollars!) he asked if we could get brunch first at a cute little place around the corner. It ended up being a rainy but fun day and the book sale was PACKED with a line around the corner. I ended up taking home more books than John 🙂


Meditate everyday. 

I admit, I’ve been particularly bad at this this month. Needless to say, work has been challenging. Like -having a panic attack at work and crying in the bathroom- challenging. I’ve tried to not take it home with me, but it’s been really tough. I keep trying to make everything right and somehow things just snowball so quickly in this job. I need to make more time to meditate, but in April I have to say that working from home has been helpful. I stop to take a couple minutes between tasks to read an article, cuddle my cats or make toast, and that helps a lot.


Make a new friend. 

Negative, but we had the kids for one week during their Spring Break and that actually went over really nicely. John stayed home and I worked, but we planned out lots of fun things to do with them, mixed in with some lazy days too. Their preteen moodiness is pretty unbearable at times, but Spring Break went so smoothly that I’m feeling a LOT better about this summer! (Look at how tall they’re getting! It’s nuts!)


Oh and Casie came back! One of my best friends had been traveling the world with her boyfriend for 6 months and is back in town!


Other things from April…


  • John and I took the kids to the Science March and it was so cute, Gabriel was so energized afterwards, talking about how he’s going to save the planet! We then went to Jack’s BBQ for a super tasty lunch and then did a Costco trip. I’m such a boring mom now, but that was such a fun day!


  • John and I saw the cherry blossoms at University of Washington and they were just as pretty as I imagined that they would be. We walked around the gorgeous campus, walked around the Ave and the farmers market and then got lunch. A perfect day!


  • We sold our white chrome dining table set for a wood table and cafe chairs like I’ve always wanted! I’ll miss our 50’s table, but it’s nice to not see EVERY crumb all the time.

Other things in March…


  • I went to a self defense class in Belltown (and saw awesome graffiti outside). I felt 100% silly, but it’s an important thing to do and I’m proud of myself for getting out there and feeling silly with hundreds of strangers!


  • We had a soup swap at work! John had SO MUCH FUN making our submission, a classic southern Brunswick Stew, and spent almost a full day on it. I took home 7 soups and we’ve had 2 “Soup Parties” with the kids so far, testing out a couple each time, and they think it’s so fun… plus we don’t have to cook 🙂


  • There was ONE DAY in March where the sun shone all day long and it was amazing. I went to see Beauty and the Beast at the Cinerama (and cried like 8 times) and then walked home and snapped this perfect picture of Seattle spring at The Saint. Now if we could just have a few more days like this… I would be content.

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