February Goals

Pay off my school loans.

With my January, February and March payments, I’m more than halfway to my goal of a zero balance!


Take myself on a date once a month.

If you haven’t heard, this is the coldest, dreariest Seattle winter since 1985. Three decades! I kept waiting to feel calm and relaxed, but instead I felt more and more reclusive and exhausted, cooped up by the cold, dark weather. There was even a 3 day weekend that felt wasted, where I barely left the house at all. Throughout the month I took myself on a few little dates, but nothing big. In a way, it was better that way. It was good to peel myself out of the house and shuffle to someplace nice for a meal!


John and I don’t normally do anything big for Valentine’s, but this year I was sick as a dog with a cold. A few nights later (super rainy of course) we bundled up and got a drink at an adorable bar, and then headed to get a Katsu Burger. It was a mellow night for most people, but felt really special to me.

In a random turn of events, John and I actually had a really wonderful date on a weekday. Instead of making dinner, we decided to stop in one of our favorite restaurants, Grappa, and then grabbed some frozen yogurt for dessert. We went to pick up an old cabinet from a Craigslist ad and this incredibly old, wonderfully kind man opened the door and told us all about the piece. It was really just one of my favorite nights!16864693_1230261620427684_8487991975479348717_n

Do something politically active once a month.

I’ve really surprised myself with how quickly I’ve adopted reading the newspaper into my daily life. At first, I felt like I would never manage to finish an issue, and then all the sudden it felt completely natural to read the newspaper on the bus or at a restaurant. In some ways, I feel like I’m leading the old lady life that I’ve always wanted.

I was worried that reading the news everyday would stress me out and at times, I’ve gotten really emotional. The world is such a sad place and the news can be downright distressing. But in my ways, reading the news has made me more calm. I know what is happening, I know the facts, I know the backstory. I’m up to date as things change and I feel a part of the news, instead of just an observer.

17191092_1241061912680988_2166767601709595897_nA couple things really surprised me: I feel more connected than ever to my community and that I’m constantly learning something new. Good journalism not only connects you to the story, it helps you see a new perspective on things and introduces you to new ideas. I’ve forgotten how much I’ve missed that.


Set monthly exercise goals.

 I fell slightly short of my February goal, but I blame being sick. It’s been such a dark and wet winter and I’ve been fighting colds off left and right, leaving me with almost no energy. I’m going to stick with it this month and try to kick these colds in the butt!

Do something special for John once a month.

My February “something special” doesn’t seem all that romantic… but I took John’s car to the car wash and I bought him some extra gym clothes. The car was filthy and he always made comments about it, but he’s never been someone who likes going to the car wash and watching other people wash the car. (Even though we haven’t been allowed to wash cars at any of our apartments!) Something I always loved was taking the car to get washed with my dad when he was little, and so I really enjoyed sitting back and reading my book until they called my name. The car is almost unrecognizable now… and it actually smells good!

Meditate every day.

This wasn’t a great month for my meditation practice. I’ve been trying to relax more about work, but every time I feel like I can step back, it sucks me back in again. I’m trying my best to grapple with it and I can only hope that things start to change very soon.

Make a new friend. 

I got lunch and coffee a couple times with a couple different people this month.


Something I’m really proud of was that I finally hosted a happy hour at work! This is something most people are encouraged do in their first month, and I finally had time to do after 8 months. I did a flavor tripping theme and people seemed to enjoy it! Making friends at my current job has been a big struggle for me, I feel like I rub just about everyone the wrong way. I hope this happy hour helped me be a little more understood, and show a different side to me.


Other things that happened in February…


John made us a gorgeous dark blue velvet headboard, something that I’ve ALWAYS wanted. I even got to help a little on this project! He’s not 100% happy with how it turned out, but I feel so grown up with a big fancy headboard.


Tulips came into bloom and I basically covered every surface in our house with them.


The upside to crappy weather is that the cats really enjoyed all the attention they’ve been getting all the cuddles they could ask for!


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