Pay off my school loans.

Last month I paid off $4,500 and this month I paid off $3,500! I’m about 2/3 of the way to completely paying off my students loans and it feels so great to see those numbers. On one hand, I’ve definitely felt a pinch in my pockets because I’m completely OCD about money, but I’ve gotten a lot better over the years. In the end, I know it will feel so great to finally be free of that monthly bill.

Take myself on a date once a month.

Last month I spent MLK Jr Day walking around my neighborhood and I treated myself to a delicious Puerco Asada sandwich at Manu’s Bodega. As I sat in a nearby park, slurping the sauces that slid down my wrists while reading a new book, the sun came out for the tiniest of moments and it was beautiful. The perfect moment.


Do something politically active once a month.

Last month John and I participated in the Women’s March. I got so choked up when I saw the number of people crowded at the starting point. Old women, young women, little girls, men, dogs… so many people! The signs were funny and sad. The speeches were slightly annoying and then super uplifting. Looking around, I saw a lot of people that could be my friends. A lot of my female (and male) coworkers marched. It was just a wonderful experience to be there, surrounded by all those people.

While I’m glad that I marched, the march in Seattle was really poorly planned and it kind of felt like all my worst fears in one place. It was so loud, and people were squeezed together like sardines. Due to being super tired, pretty hungover and pretty much the most introverted person ever, I led our little group along side streets (instead of with the packed crowds) and eventually when we got to downtown (a little more than halfway to the finish) we gave up. I was hurting, exhausted, and starving. We grabbed lunch and decided to take the train home, but the train station was so packed that they weren’t letting people in for fear of getting trampled. (Again- worst nightmare).

We went home and marveled at the numbers (the largest march in the history Seattle, they expected about 50,000 people and estimate that it was actually around 130,000) feeling proud that we were apart of something so incredibly important, but we decided that marches are officially not something that we aren’t interested in doing- ever again.

This month I’ve decided to subscribe to the Seattle Times. Rather than read the news in passing, I want to be able to become more educated on what is actually going on in the world.

Set monthly exercise goals.

 We have officially joined a gym! While we still haven’t gotten on a strong schedule yet, but we’re going at least twice a week and I feel great after we go (I can’t say the same for John!) We haven’t seen any results yet, but I’m hopeful that we will get into a strong routine within the next month. I’m going to start setting goals tied to a treat at the end of the month 🙂


Do something special for John once a month.

Last month my goal was to get John a passport so that in the future we could take a weekend trip to Vancouver. John, being John, made this very difficult. So instead, I bought him some new dress shirts that he was in desperate need of. Plus, I took a personal day off to visit him in Bellevue and met him for lunch at Tavern Law, which so good, and really cute!

Meditate every day.

There are some weeks where I’ve done really well at this, and others where I feel I’ve failed completely.

The hardest part has been finding time and space at work. I feel weird meditating at my desk and I feel weird reserving a conference room. I’ll need to figure something out, but for now it’s definitely a work in progress!

Make a new friend. 

In January I went on a blind-friend date. It sounds lame… and it was kind of lame. It’s crappy to admit, but I have such a hard time connecting with people and really feeling understood.

I recently grabbed lunch with an old co-worker this month and a work-networking lunch that both went a bit better, so maybe the friend date just wasn’t a good match. I’m going to keep trying, but I’m also not in a rush to make things fit that just aren’t fitting.

Other things that happened in January…

I went to CES in Las Vegas for work. Everything I had worked on went off without a hitch and my work was minimally stressful, but the insane environment really took a toll on me. There were crowds and lines EVERYWHERE. You were literally walking shoulder to shoulder with the people next to you. People can still smoke indoors in Vegas! Women were walking around essentially naked! Needless to say, I’m ok never going back again. There were some fun moments though… the best being a bowling night for our two work teams to come together and have some fun before the CES madness and I treated myself to a dinner at Nobu and the best wine of my life.


We had our work holiday party in a cute space in Pioneer Square. We didn’t really get that into the masquerade theme, but we enjoyed wine, snacks, photo booth photos and I danced my heart out for one song!


John recently started a blog Misadventures in Upcycling and Repurposing Furniture for all his projects that he’s done around our house and sold on Craigslist. While he’s kicking butt at his new job, he’s needed a creative outlet too. John has really put a ton of effort into his blog and we’ve actually been able to share it with a people people on Craigslist already! (“Omg I’m dying to find bookshelves like yours, where did you find them?!”) I’m really proud of his ability to create such beautiful things and write so wonderfully.



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