Oi Vey 2016

I feel like everyone is on the same page as me right now… 2016 was an incredibly challenging year. Horrible events were reported in the news almost every day and I feel scared and sad for our future.


In the spring…

  • John and I got a cold then flu that stuck around for three straight months.
  • When we took a weekend trip to Portland, we were threatened by a couple of homeless men.
  • My annual trip to the dermatologist found more mutated cells and more testing for skin cancer. (I’m fine, but it’s pretty likely those cells will come back cancerous one day) 
  • After years on debilitating back pain, I was officially diagnosed with scolosis. Trying physical therapy and acupuncture therapy didn’t help and there’s really nothing I can do except manage the pain. 

In the summer…

  • Several experiences within my family have really disappointed me the year, causing me to put distance in several relationships.
  • We had a flea infestation in our new apartment that lasted two months. It took four different treatments for something to finally work.

In the fall…

  • John quit his job and he was out of work for two months.
  • John’s youngest started to experience intense psychological episodes and doctors have recommended everything from medication to a hospital stay.
  • My mom was diagnosed with stage 4 oral cancer and was rushed into major surgery with a several month recovery process.
  • Donald Trump, an ignorant, idiotic reality TV star, is the president of the United States.

In all fairness, good things happened too…

  • I started a new job at a much improved company. I have more responsibility, but I’m learning a lot and am basically kicking ass.
  • I had the opportunity through work to volunteer more than I ever have before, helping the homeless through organizations like Urban Rest Stop and YouthCare.
  • I met John’s family! We took the kids with us to Virginia where we rode roller coasters, fished in a saltwater river and ate at the Waffle House.
  • I dressed as Hillary Clinton for Halloween and everyone knew who I was!
  • John and I have made our apartment even more beautiful than ever before and we finally bought a new couch!
  • When things got too hard, I took a long weekend to do a beautiful solo hiking trip to Whidbey Island. 

In the end, I learned to love and respect more about myself than ever before. I am a really loving daughter. I am really good at my job. I love my boyfriend and I’ve found that it’s true, it does get better every year.  I care about my community. I care about our political climate. I care about our environment. I’m a good cat mom. I’m a tough woman and if 2016 didn’t defeat me, nothing will! I welcome 2017 with open arms and can’t wait for this “fresh start” to wipe this slate clean. 


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