Aced It

I’ve wanted to stay in an Ace Hotel for years… probably close to 6-7 years. All my favorite bloggers and instagrammers (yes, that’s a thing) have been and it seemed like such a cool place. So why wait 6-7 years? Well, they’re a pretty pricey place to stay, plus I was always worried that I wouldn’t look “cool” enough as soon as I stepped foot in. That was 100% not the case at the Ace Hotel in Portland!

Pretty much as soon as we walked in I snapped this cliche picture, because it’s just as cool in person as it looks in pictures:

IMG_0466 The guy who checked in was the epitome of super-friendly Portland person. He cracked jokes, made special accommodations for our bags and promised to call in an hour or so (he did, almost exactly). I wasn’t worried for a second that I wasn’t “cool enough”. After a few hours of exploring, John and I returned to our bags and room. John oh so nicely said “If I didn’t have a girlfriend and kids, I’d totally move in right now.” Harsh words, but it was true that it felt like home almost immediately!


We chose one of the larger rooms with a bathroom in the back of the hotel, which was supposed to be quieter. We loved the super-urban look outside of our window and they were right, it was super quiet, minus some old-building settling noises.

DSC00216DSC00213 Each room has unique art, but I have to say that it was probably my least favorite feature because our room has these anime-looking drawings on the walls. The bed was super comfortable and really cozy. John lounged for much longer than he normally would’ve! They also hand-wrote a note to me that started with “Hi Morgan!” It was such a great, super appreciated touch.

DSC00214DSC00218DSC00219The bathroom set up was a little different because the sink was in the main room, but that left more room for…. a CLAWFOOT TUB! Basically, I’m obsessed with clawfoot tubs and this one was especially cute. I wish I had had time for a bath! The bathroom set up actually suited us better because I was able to get ready while John was showering and vice versa.

Really though, it was just all the little touches that really put us over in the moon in love with the hotel…

DSC00245DSC00250IMG_0487DSC00259 Right at the end of our stay I talked John into taking photo booth photos in the main lobby (I’m slightly obsessed with photo booth photos). It turns out that we were not prepared for the first two AT ALL (see my reaction haha)

DSC00253DSC00258but the other two turned out really cute 🙂 IMG_0500DSC00256 It seems silly to admit, but staying in the Ace Hotel truly inspired me! It was so special and unique and all those details really got to me. For what was slightly more expensive and slightly smaller than other options, we really got a lot out of our stay!

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