Resolutions for 2016


Alright, to summarize my 2015 goals:

1. Do something I’ve never done before, at least once a month. -This is pretty much true. Bigger moments: seeing the Nutcracker, presenting at work conferences, doing the Theo Chocolate tour and more!

2. Plan a big trip. -We were planning to go to Virginia to meet John’s parents. Obviously, that didn’t happen, but it will. I WAS able to see Canada (alone!), the Oregon coast (twice!) and the Olympic Peninsula with John. Plus I did a ton of beautiful hikes in the Cascades with Chris!

3. Take my cats to the vet for their shots. –Done. TWICE. Those expensive little monsters! I took them in January and then after Cleo returned from her 2 week adventure in the wild.

4. Remind people that I love how much they mean to me. -Honestly, I did the worst at this one. There was a lot of friend and family drama this year that I could’ve done without and instead of reaching out to other friends and family members, I closed myself off.

5. Cook and bake more. –John and I have designated Wednesday night as Morgan night. I’ll be honest, I’ve ordered Thai more than I’d like to admit. On the other hand, I’ve made some REALLY good meals. Even the kids liked some of them!


The goals for 2016 are pretty simple:

  • Floss. Because let’s just get the boring one out of the way. I hate flossing. Flossing hates me. I used to have what the dentist called “beautiful teeth” and then at some point in college I all the sudden got old-lady gums. I’m going to vow to try to floss every day and to forgive myself when I don’t. One day isn’t going to knock me off the bandwagon!


  • Eat healthier with Food Challenges! I’ve wanted to eat locally and organically for a long time, but have struggled. It’s honestly easier to just eat food that’s bad for you! This year, I’m going to try to be more active about making healthier food at home and eating healthier food when I eat out. In January, we want to do a 100% dry month because we indulged into a few extra cocktails during the holidays. I’m hoping to take the kids with me to the weekly farmers market throughout the summer and then planning meals with John around those trips. Other ideas I’m playing around with: a month with meat free Mondays, a month with salads for lunch, a month with fish dinners 2-3 times a week. Do you have any healthy eating ideas (not diets)? I’d love to hear them!


  • Reach out to family once a month. Instead of just the general statement “family”, I’m going to try to reach out to certain people in my family more frequently. Birthday cards, little gifts, emails, calls… they all need to happen.


In addition to my resolutions, I’m borrowing an idea from yoga and making intentions too:

With the kids… be patient. I think back on the times that we went to the park, or went to Costco, or even went to the arcade and I was counting down the minutes until we could be back at home. This year, I’ve noticed a huge difference in myself. I’m more patient with them than ever before, even though sometimes I’m more frustrated than I’ve ever been. That said, I want more family game nights, more family picnics at the park, more time where I’m able to just enjoy being there with them. They can be such fun people to be around!

With my love… just enjoy it. John is always telling me to relax, especially when I’m thinking ahead to the next thing or worrying about something that probably won’t happen. He’s not the most romantic guy… a trip to IKEA is his idea of a fancy date… but he does show me in a million ways every single day that he loves me and they’re heart melting when I really think about it. I am loved by the most wonderful man and I just need to enjoy that every single day.

With my family… be caring. My family. Oi vey. They can drive me absolutely crazy, but they can also be the people I am the most comfortable around and in some ways really get me. I want to make the effort to go the extra mile for them when I can.

With my friends… make time. I have not made enough time for my friends this year and that makes me sad. Going from a job where I rarely spoke with people to a job where I’m interacting with people about 50% of my days is overwhelming for my poor introverted soul. Friends were the easiest thing to cut out, and I did. But this year, it will be different. There will be more brunches, more hikes, more lunches and more texts. I need to make time for it.

With my work… be an advocate. It doesn’t sound humble in any way, but no one could do the job that I  have done. I’m persistent, I’m stubborn and can be as tough as nails if needed. My job requires me to be all that and more. I’ve tried my best to be patient, I can try harder, but this year I look at my role like I’m running for president. I’m going to win the non-believers over, I’m going to meet my goals and I will change how my role looks.

With exercise… be inspired. I have actually surprised myself with how much I’ve stuck with yoga. I don’t see any major differences, I’m by no means buff and I haven’t succeeded at any of the other classes, but I’m doing well on my own time and as they always say, “You did the hardest part, you made it to your mat.” That being said, I want to become more inspired with yoga and more learn about it, because I do feel a little tired of the same old thing every week.

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