January started off with a gorgeous hike to Heather Lake with my friend Chris, which ended in a spot that quite literally took my breath away.

I have very rarely laughed so hard as when I was making a “music video” with coworkers at our holiday work party at the EMP.

I planned my mom’s 50th birthday party with her friends and our family at Restaurant Zoe. She was happy, which made me really happy too!

The spring brought a lot of new changes. John and I broke up in February, so I moved out and got my own place.

I went on a “I’m single woman hear me roar!” kick and found a new job, but decided to take a couple weeks off before starting the new role. I traveled to the Oregon coast to see my aunt and uncle and then took a day trip to Vancouver… that didn’t turn out so well.

The new job was as a Social Media Manager for a non-profit health insurance company in downtown Seattle. Throughout my time at the company, I’ve been presented with many personal and professional challenges, but I’ve overcome them with grace. I’ve had to learn a lot about how to make things work and I’ve impressed even myself at how well I’ve handled it all!

My nana and papa came to visit! I loved showing them around the city and taking them to all my favorite spots. They came bearing lots of fun gifts and my cat-hating papa even cuddled with Lucas!

For Mother’s Day, I treated my momma to a spa day. I decided to lop off a bunch of hair while I was at it and we ended the afternoon with a stroll through the farmers market and a lunch of tasty ribs!

June was really a major month for me. I finally accepted that John and I weren’t done and we both committed to making things work a second time around. And you know what? It was the best decision I’ve made! Plus, who can resist those little weirdos in IKEA?

My birthday was perfect. A trip to the bookstore, lunch with my mom, a tour of the Theo chocolate factory, dinner at Joule and Jurassic World with John was exactly what I’ve always dreamed that birthdays could be like.

Late summer was a time of transition. John and I moved back in together into the world’s most adorable, quirky house (well, at least I think so) in Queen Anne. We spent a lot of time unpacking, purging, playing board games and eating ice cream with the boys. John has put a lot of work into making our home and our furniture beautiful and special and it really feels like home.

In the fall I went back to the Oregon coast, this time for a wedding.

Though they were kind of butt heads about it, we were able to talk the kids into going to the pumpkin patch again and it was gorgeous and sunny out! We found 6 beautiful pumpkins.

John and I took a long weekend trip to explore the Olympic Peninsula of Washington state. It was our first time seeing the Pacific Ocean in Washington, our first time seeing a rainforest and we really loved our time in Port Townsend.

My friend Bri came to visit just before Thanksgiving! I showed her around the city and we had a treat yo self day of a yummy lunch and manicures.

Chris and I went on yet another gorgeous hike, this time in the snow! It was a slippery and cold adventure, but unforgettable.

We saw Star Wars! And loved it. And we’re going to go see it again.

We hosted Christmas Eve at our house! It was a jam packed night, but really fun and I’d love to do it again. Plus, we had the boys on Christmas Day and did a Reverse Santa (like the Reverse Flash) where the boys had to follow a scavenger hunt to find their presents.

John and I ended the year with a game night at a friend’s and then went home to fall asleep before midnight. Though this year didn’t look perfect to most people, to me it was a million steps in the right direction of where I want to be in life. Looking at these pictures reminds me just how lucky I really am.


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