Cleo Came Back!


I feel silly for not having mentioned this sooner, especially after my super emotional last post, but Cleo came back! She went missing on October 18th and she reappeared at our back door on November 4th. A weird coincidence (at least to me) because I first got Lucas and Cleo on the same day, 3 years before!

It was such a weird experience, having her come home. I had woken up at my normal time and started grinding my coffee beans in the kitchen in the dark. I think she must have hear the grinder (both of the cats hate that sound) because when I was pouring my coffee I hear a high pitched meow. I searched the house, thinking it was Lucas, but realized that it was coming from outside! I opened the back door and there was Cleo, meowing and frantically spinning in circles. I ran out to her and she hissed and hid under the neighbors car, but then came rushing out to me and jumped into my arms.

It’s strange, because other than being about half her previous weight, she didn’t look any different. No scratches, no missing fur… she wasn’t even dirty! We think she probably just got scared and hid, too afraid to explore or find food. It’s strange that she appeared at the back door too, because we left a million things for her to find at the front door and we’re pretty sure that the front door is how she originally got out.

I was immediately sobbing and then worried, because I thought that I might have just stolen a random cat. A quick text to John confirmed that I did have Cleo!

At first, Lucas was pretty upset. I know he missed his sister, but he also loved all the attention he got as the only cat in the house. She was scarfing down his food and taking all his attention… it took a few days for him to acclimate to having her back. Just the other day I came home to them playing, which NEVER happens! They’ve also taken to napping in our bedroom together. At opposite ends of the room… but still!

Even though Cleo looked ok, I thought it was important that I take her to the vet, and to get them both chipped, just in case something like that happened again! They did ok at the vet, Lucas was pretty freaked out though (and the vet said he was a little chubby… the nerve!) I had just taken them to the vet at the beginning of the year, so I’m sure that they were pissed that they had to go again and the both ignored me for a good long while before they forgave me. I’m also making them wear collars now, which didn’t go over well either! That visit cost me an arm and a leg though, which wasn’t fun. But I know it was worth it and I also don’t think we will be going back to the vet for a LONG TIME.


Cleo is getting closer to her normal weight and is eating a LOT, which is good 🙂 She’s also a lot more demonstrative and cuddly, which she wasn’t before (especially with John) she got out. She also made it home before Gabriel’s birthday party last weekend, which was wonderful. He loves her and she loves him… it’s so cute to see. Her naughtiness hasn’t completely gone away, but I think she’s more loving than before, and really grateful to be home. I won’t be able to handle it if she runs away again, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed that she learned her lesson!

Thank you to everyone who shared positive stories, advice and kind words with me. Each one was so comforting and meant so much to me and John.


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