At the risk of this site becoming book review blog, I’ve decided to share some little moments of life lately.

It feels weird to have lived in our current house for just 3 months, it feels so much longer. We have really made this space our own, filling every nook and cranny with things we truly love. I repainted my vintage hospital cart from a dusty rose to a school bus yellow: IMG_5086 John refinished a free 1960’s stereo console that we got off of craigslist to a thing of beauty. What started as a dusty, stinky piece of junk became a gleaming, gorgeous and functioning piece of furniture! We made an unusual choice and used a dapper tweed as the cover for the speakers.

IMG_5103I’d been meaning to refinish my dresser ever since I purchased it, but John really took his time on this piece. We found out that the brand is actually a very famous 1960’s mid-century brand and that if we wanted, we could probably resell for at least $600. That was a pretty cool find! IMG_5204We even found a free chair for our bedroom. The cats love sleeping in it and I love reading in it! IMG_5347We have spent a LOT of our time craigslisting, buying and selling. John loved all the projects that kept him busy and he’s worked on dozens of other projects too, not pictured here. I’ve been there for moral support and constant cleaning up after projects 🙂

A pretty picture from the Ballard Farmer’s Market:

IMG_5078 A cool piece from a work event venue:IMG_5184 My first attempt at a craft project in a long time… I macrame-d! IMG_5259We went to John’s friends wedding and had a really fun time, plus it kept us out all the way till 9:30!

IMG_5301 We’ve decorated our front porch for Halloween! I didn’t realized just HOW MUCH I missed having a porch to decorate until I had one. Gabriel and John helped me hang spiderwebs and orange lights and put out our pumpkins! IMG_5372 This year’s trip to the pumpkin patch was a pretty big bummer. The day we were supposed to go, the day before Sean’s birthday, it downpoured all day long. The next day was really sunny and warm, but it was Sean’s actual birthday and the kids made it very clear that they did NOT want to go. I eventually guilted them into it, but it ended up being rushed and a super short trip. Luckily though, the maze was fairly dry this year (we still cheated)…IMG_5432IMG_5385 …and the animals were happy to be fed… IMG_5435 But we got our best pumpkin haul yet, for cheaper than ever before! IMG_5424 ^ I love that Sean has that Backstreet-Boys-in-the-90’s pose down, and Gabriel looks like he’s hissing! backstreet20boys-11

IMG_5417IMG_5408IMG_5410IMG_5413IMG_5420IMG_5396 And on the way to drop off the kids in Eastern WA, we stopped for lunch at Twede’s! It’s definitely very different from it’s Twin Peaks days, but the kids loved it and John and I are pretty excited about the reboot next year! IMG_5426


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