Things Are A-Changing

Photo on 9-7-15 at 8.15 PM #2I’m not all that great at change and the past year has chock full of life changes. Of course change is normal. And a lot of things in my life that have changed are perfectly normal, but are just more difficult for me. The last couple of weeks were full of big decisions, the kids going back after spending the summer in Seattle, and the weather taking a sudden turn from a hot summer to a blustery and chilly fall.

Labor Day weekend was supposed to be John and I’s relaxed weekend where we planned to sit in front of the TV and not move for three days. Of course, we did much more than that, especially when he decided to refinish a huge stereo console as a fun project, but I tried my hardest to just absorb being BORED. And it felt so nice! I could’ve used a week more honestly.

The past few weeks I’ve felt a bit paralyzed by all the change. I keep telling myself I’m going to do this and do that, but end up just going to bed early or zoning out in front of the TV. The weather getting darker sooner has definitely contributed to this, because all I want to do is curl up in bed when it’s storming outside. But I’ve told myself that I’m going to jumpstart my attitude, starting tomorrow. My goal is to get more done with my days. I need to start going back to yoga classes, plan a trip, get our house ready for Halloween and hunker down on some personal projects. It’s a lot, and thinking about it overwhelms me, but I know it’s necessary to kick myself into gear.

If you have any suggestions for how you jumpstart yourself during a funk, I’d love to hear them!


2 thoughts on “Things Are A-Changing

  1. Do something creative, Morgan…maybe make a collage of your favorite photos. Or create a photo journal to explore autumn in the Northwest. Or pick up a small canvas at your local arts/crafts store, a few inexpensive brushes and paints, and paint something abstract that reflects your mood.

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