I can be a bit obsessive about my birthday and I set a lot of ridiculous expectations for myself and the people I love to have the “perfect” day. It’s bogus, and I know that, but it’s almost as if I can’t help myself. My birthday last year was not “perfect” and so I tried to do everything different this year.

Step 1: Take the day off. Don’t work. Don’t pretend that you want to be at work. I preferred being alone, over going to work. I realize not everyone is like me in this, they want to have a normal day. My dad LOVES going into work on his birthday. IMG_3942Step 2: Take it easy. I slept in, woke up to natural morning light, took my sweet time getting ready and straightened my house up.IMG_3940Step 3: Only do the things you love. My happy place is bookstores, so I meandered over to my favorite one and splurged on some magazines that I love and a book. I peeked inside a couple adorable stores with no rush. IMG_3953IMG_3943Step 4: Meet people where they are. I’m at a point in my life where my friends don’t really know one another, or know much about each other. I just have friends from very different places in my life. Eventually, someday, I’d love to have a big party (preferably prom themed) where everyone I know celebrates in the same place! It was a Thursday, so I spent lunch with my mom for lunch and coffee and met John for a chocolate factory tour and dinner. IMG_3956 (I was getting really into dinosaurs in preparation for Step 7)IMG_3962IMG_3963IMG_3957No one told us that it was going to be 90 degrees in the factory. How I felt: IMG_3967IMG_3969

Step 5: Make plans. There have been times where I’ve been disappointed simply because I wanted a “surprise” and plans fell through. In order for me to guarantee that I’ll be happy (and give everyone else a break) I should just do what I love: PLAN!

IMG_3974 (He hates that I’m always taking pictures of him, so he makes this face because he really thinks I won’t share it with anyone! Bahaha!) IMG_3975IMG_3980 IMG_3977

Step 6: Eat really good food. I’ve been wanting to eat at Joule for YEARS! It’s been rated one of the best restaurants in America and I finally went!

(My very first experience eating fish roe… I was so impressed!)

IMG_3978Step 7: If you like dinosaurs, you should probably watch a movie about dinosaurs. Let me be clear: I LOVE the Jurassic Park movies. So, as soon as the Jurassic World opening credits began and the score began to play, I started crying. I don’t know if anyone loves these movies just as much as I do. I thought it was amazing. I didn’t get home until 1:30am, which is 4 hours past my bedtime, and I was still energetic and stimulated by the movie. It was SO AMAZING, GO SEE IT.

IMG_3989 Step 8: Prolong the festivities. John treated me to Jurassic World on Friday, my dad and stepmom came into town and treated us to dinner and pedicures and my mom and sister baked me a cake on Sunday and took me to the Ballard Farmers Market.  It was a perfect, relaxing weekend. And even though it wasn’t, I felt like it was all for me 🙂

IMG_4007IMG_4005IMG_3997Even though in some ways I controlled my celebrations more than ever before, in other ways I was more laid back then I normally ever am! This birthday did feel perfect, in a more subdued way. Maybe this is what getting older feels like!


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