You’re Gonna Love May

The month of May kinda knocked me out. I haven’t had such a busy time in a LONG time!

First, a couple pretty pictures:IMG_3337 Apparently I love dogwoods. This is the first year EVER that I’ve noticed them, and they are everywhere! So I’m also apparently blind.

IMG_3336 Work was pretty bonkers (in a good way). The occasional long lunch reading in a sunny park has kept me sane. No joke. IMG_3346 They were a splurge, but these shorts make me so incredibly happy! What’s the rule on wearing shorts to work? What if you’re a social media specialist? I’m dying for more excuses to wear them! IMG_3561 Peonies! Peonies! Peonies! Peonies! Peonies!

I was so lucky to have my grandparents stop in Seattle on their way to California from Maine for the last time. I tried to savor every moment, because after this summer they will be living in Maine full time and I’m going to miss them so much! They also brought some presents along the way! My dad had been given an old ships wheel a few years ago and even though I called dibs, they had given it to my grandparents. I guess they heard I was bummed, and they brought it along with them! Plus, they brought my old guitar that I’d given to my grandpa to learn. Even though he’d gotten it restrung, he thought it was better that I kept it. My nana brought a few extra special presents with her too, even a CRYSTAL decanter. She told me that she had seen my (silly glass) decanters on my blog and thought I would put it to better use than her. I couldn’t believe how lucky I was! I was able to take them out to a yummy seafood dinner, stop at the Ballard Locks to see the boats and then we went to Hotcakes for dessert (of course!). I think they had a great time and I loved being able to show them around my city. IMG_3381IMG_3383IMG_3393IMG_3394IMG_3399IMG_3405IMG_3401 It’s been a pretty rough time for my mom lately, with a not-so-fun diagnosis on her knee pain and a lot of personal and professional stress, I wanted to treat her to a nice Mother’s Day. After a spa day (remind me to never again to do a spa day), we ate ribs, walked the market and went shopping. This was also the day that I discovered Farmers Market Doughnuts and almost died of pure tastebud happiness. Oh, and I cut 6 inches off my hair. (Only two people have noticed)IMG_3433IMG_3447IMG_3435IMG_3580IMG_3440Some more cute things:

My pretty (bratty) kitty, CleoIMG_3611 Seals playing in the locksIMG_3579 Free coffee will never be turned down by me. IMG_3606 Kind of a scary/thrilling experience, standing on a little bridge above a moving trainIMG_3690 A misty (otherwise, pretty boring) hike with my friend Chris and a dinner with his sister when she came into town! IMG_3661IMG_3698

And finally, there was the night that I ate Ezell’s fried chicken (FINALLY) and saw Big Trouble Little China and a local theater. It was to celebrate someone special’s birthday… but more on that later.IMG_3621


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