At this point in my life, I have all the things I need to be an adult. I have a TV, a couch, a bed and a dining room table. I have a coffee table, and a set of matching dishes and a set of matching glassware, and a dresser. Of course, there are still things I want, like a mid century credenza for my TV and a simple, wooden bookshelf for my books. I’m definitely a minimalist and I firmly believe in buying things that you absolutely love. So while I don’t have much, I love what I have. IMG_3003This is my makeshift bookshelf (originally kitchen shelving) for now, and I’m actually totally ok with it. It’s able to hold my hundreds of books, which is a feat in itself. I was also able to color coordinate my books and hang my American flag, two things I wasn’t allowed to do in my last apartment.

IMG_2959 Though I’m not a fan of the sage green wall color (and am too lazy to paint it), the bathroom has really good bones with an adorable tiled floor, so it didn’t really need a lot of adornment. It’s pretty teeny, and tucked away into the back corner of the apartment, so having fresh flowers really brightens up the room. Otherwise, I hung my striped West Elm shower curtain and hung one print on the wall and the bathroom was good to go!

IMG_3001I would have to say that my dining room is my favorite room to look at. I absolutely love the color of the rug with the really simple table I bought at IKEA. I sit here every morning and watch my coffee drip and take a little moment to enjoy the sun coming up outside the window. There are a lot of plants and flowers on the table, as well as my disco ball, and my favorite painting is on the wall. Overall, I feel like this room feels the most like me.

The kitchen is very small (cozy or cramped, depends on the day), which lots of cabinets dating back to the 1920’s, most of which I don’t have any use for. Overall, I’d have to say I’m getting used to it. My preference to let dishes pile up doesn’t work in the tiny sink and the fact that you can open the oven unless you are standing almost outside the kitchen, well that’s just plain annoying. But I have to say, these glass cabinets are the perfect place to show off my decanter obsession:IMG_2955IMG_2989I have a little sheepskin rug on the bench at the end of my bed, but I decided that there’s nothing more luxurious than to wake up in the morning and the first thing you step on be soft and warm and comforting. So I found the perfect little rug just for that purpose! Otherwise though my nightstand and bed set up looks almost exactly the same as before.IMG_2994

I still haven’t recovered my couch, which is 100% silly at this point, but it does make the perfect window seat and cat napping spot and otherwise looks almost exactly the same as the last few apartments.IMG_3010The top of my dresser has become a bit of a catch all, but I’m totally ok with it! Pictured here: daffodils, a family portrait, a coin jar, Daisy perfume, billy balls, bronze bird statues, a velociraptor, a pile of rocks, a watch, a whale dish, vintage perfume bottles and the 50 Foot Woman, of course.

I’ve gotten to the point where when I move, my home looks the same, just in a different place. All the same things are there, they’re just configured differently. My new apartment is much brighter and open than my last, and quite a bit smaller, but still, when my things are in it, it feels like home.


One thought on “Welcome

  1. Your style is like you: simple, but sophisticated; restrained, but deeply warm; seemingly austere, but expressively whimsical; traditional, but eclectically contemporary….and always an eye for beauty and uniqueness in what might appear ordinary.

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