Do Not Disturb

IMG_2883I was lucky to have won a big gift card to Hotel Max at my work holiday party and though I had hoped to use it straight away, it took me a couple days to realize that this would make for a romantic (and free!) Valentine’s Day getaway. I made the reservation and anticipated the weekend with every approaching day. At the same time, my relationship was crumbling and John wanted to cancel the reservation because he thought we would fight too much. I told him I couldn’t bear to cancel the reservation, so he did it while I cried in the shower.


Cut to: 3 weeks later. Single as can be, I left work a few hours early on a Friday to grab my things at home and headed to the hotel. The hotel is so cool, almost too cool, and my room was beautiful with a great style. First things first, I jumped on the bed! I was giddy with excitement and knew that this was such an amazing (free) opportunity! I slipped straight away into a scorching hot bath while reading a silly magazine. I spent the rest of the night in my robe and in the king size bed reading, ordering room service (it wasn’t very great, I wouldn’t recommend the chicken) and watching The Parent Trap on TV. I felt sad, of course, and I really didn’t sleep well. In the morning, I had biscuits and jam and an orange/grapefruit mimosa delivered and then I made a terrible, terrible mistake. I chose to watch The Fault in Our Stars. I read the book, so I knew how it ended, and still I was sobbing hysterically, knowing full well that I wasn’t really just crying about this crazy sad movie. There’s this line where Augustus says, “She didn’t want a million admirers she just wanted one”. I cried so hard that I probably scared my neighbors.


Needless to say, that was my hardest day. Peeling myself up off of the bed, wiping away my mascara and checking out (I did manage to stay within 2 dollars of the $250, which was pretty darn impressive) of the hotel was rough. Walking home was a challenge. And when I got home, I felt so, so incredibly sad. I went and laid in the sun. I watched New Girl and hoped to laugh. I did everything I could think of to cheer myself up and it just didn’t work. It wasn’t until that night, when my friend Casie came over that I could really even form coherent thoughts.


I hate that my stay was filled with such sad memories and I’m sorry this sounds so “woe is me” but it really was a wonderful night. I’d recommend the hotel to anyone and LOVED my room. I’m actually pretty positive it’s the room featured in all the ads. If you’re looking for a great place to stay, definitely check it out!



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