Take a Hike


For someone who hates working out, I sure do like hiking an awful lot.

Last weekend a friend and I went to Heather Lake, out in the Cascades. After a rocky start (literally. we went down the wrong trail and down a steep ravine to nowhere… and then had to hike back UP the ravine) we finally found ourselves on the right path and walking up and up and up. Nothing online prepared me for how WET everything would be. A dark fog blanketed everything and a mist fell the entire trip. Moss clung to every surface. The normally dry trail had water running down in rivulets, small streams and actual waterfalls. It was absolutely stunning.

My favorite moment took my breath away for a second. Most of the trip (about 5.5 miles) I was looking down to make sure I wasn’t falling into a stream or breaking my ankle on an exposed root. But as we were heading up, I paused for a moment and saw something wonderful. There was a huge rock, completely covered in moss. Through the moss you could see and hear water dripping through. It sounded like the most wonderful, peaceful song.

I came home smiling and felt so elated and accomplished for the hike I had completed. It was great to get out of the city and see something completely new. I’d highly recommend it for anyone who’s able to handle a little exercise and a beautiful experience!



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