Let’s Eat Out

I love making lists. I love feeling like I’ve accomplished something, that there’s evidence that I’ve done something that made a difference.


Sometimes though, lists can seem scary. They can seem to BIG and IMPOSSIBLE that maybe you decide to take a nap instead. But with the new year, my resolution is do more new things, so I use my trick. Want to hear it?

…I start my lists by having already checked something off. No… I don’t mean that I make my list and then rush to complete something I’ve checked off. I mean to say that I cheat. I put something on the list that I’ve Already Done. See? Cheating.

Screen Shot 2015-01-23 at 4.13.54 PM

Somehow this one checked off item inspires me still. I say to myself “Wow, I’m so awesome that I’ve already completed that… there’s nothing stopping me from completing everything else on this list!” I guess it’s easy to trick… myself, I guess.

With that, here’s my list of Seattle restaurants I want to go to:



Matts in the Market


Staple & Fancy

Sitka & Spruce


Crumble & Flake

-Kedai Makan

Pink Door

Lloyd Martin


Terra Plata

Tavern Law

Fat Hen

Restaurant Zoe

So what if I totally cheated? I don’t mind! Just as long as I’m pushing myself to do new things, I’m happy!

PS: Let me know if you’d like to join me in trying any of these spots, I’d love that!


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