If I’m being honest, Belltown isn’t my favorite neighborhood in Seattle. A lot of people who aren’t from Seattle move here, because it’s so close to downtown and they want “nightlife”. People who spend a lot of time in Belltown tend to be the sort who pop their collars and “just wanna dance” and while there’s nothing wrong with that per se, they just aren’t really my sort of person. In my opinion it’s kind of a lost portion of the city, in between neighborhoods that are a lot better. There are some cool spots though, and if I’m ever passing through, or in the area, they are still worth a visit.

Where to eat? 

Macrina Bakery is another spot that my aunt took me too, when she was trying to woo me with Seattle, and it worked. It’s a great bakery, but they also have an amazing breakfast. I’ll stop in for brunch, or even just a baguette as a quick snack. Basically everything is good at Macrina.

 Technically, Le Pichet is on the cusp of downtown and Belltown. But because I don’t have that much to say about Belltown and a LOT to say about downtown, I’ll group it in this neighborhood guide instead. Le Pichet is beautiful, and feels utterly French. The food is delicious and is a reasonable price for lunch, but definitely a nice date night spot as well.

My oh-so-cool aunt has impeccable taste and she has a a favorite restaurant: Boat Street Cafe. Her recommendations are never wrong, so please stop in for a simple French country meal. IMG_0999

What to do? IMG_2163

Olympic Sculpture Park– This is another spot that’s not entirely Belltown (it’s half in Belltown, half in Queen Anne) but we’ll just call in Belltown for the fun of it. The park is a big, quiet space right off of the Sound. Sculpture are dispersed throughout the park, ranging from obnoxiously loud and bright to simple, natural sculptures. once you’re through looking at the sculptures, you can walk/run/jog/bike/prancercise as you please for miles along the water. IMG_2174

Cinerama– I remember someone casually telling me about the Cinerama when I first came to Seattle. I played it cool, but inside I was yelling “I WANT TO GO THERE!!!” Basically, it’s the coolest movie theater that you’ve ever been to. Plus, they serve beer and pretzels. Save your trip for an epic movie, like LOTR or the latest Marvel movie. Trust me, it’s worth the money.



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