Major Wanderlust

Ever since I returned to Washington from California, I’ve had a major case of wanderlust. I definitely think the weather has something to do with it (have I mentioned how much I hate winter?), but it’s also something deep inside of me, that wants to get out and explore. I haven’t found myself just looking at photos of warm beaches (though those are nice too), they are simply photos of places I haven’t been or explored yet.


Rather than explore places unknown (due to lack of funds) I’ve chosen to simply live vicariously through others by reading memoirs, watching travel shows and movies about far away places. In the meantime, I’m ready for my next adventure with my new passport and terrible passport photo.


We’re hoping to plan our next big trip to the East Coast, to meet John’s family (eek) and I’m secretly (not so secretly) hoping to hop the border into Canada for the first time and visit Vancouver.


In the meantime though, I’ll keep living vicariously through others, riding bikes in Amsterdam, eating curry in India and shucking oysters in France.



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