IMG_1483Though it’s not the longest list of places to go, Fremont is my most favorite neighborhood in Seattle. Tucked away just far enough from all the downtown hubbub, but close enough to remain relevant, Fremont is the “hippy” neighborhood full of quirky free spirits. Though I’ll never go to the Solstice parade EVER AGAIN, I do appreciate the laid back feel. It’s funny that the biggest tech companies have found a home in Fremont (Google, Tableau, etc.) but it works. Everyone and everything thing seems to fit in the neighborhood that proclaims itself to be the center of the universe.

What to Eat?

Revel– Is one of my favorite restaurants in Seattle. I love that you can sit at the counter and watch the chefs prepare this truly delicious food. My favorite thing is the rice bowl  with albacore tuna, fennel kimchi and escarole. It’s so good, that I’ve only been able to order this bowl and try other things on the side. I can’t let go of a good thing!



Homegrown -I might have moved to Seattle just to eat Homegrown all the time. I made a trip to Seattle in March of 2012 and my aunt showed me around.. I was trying to decide if I could really move there. She took me to Homegrown with my cousins and the rest is history. Their turkey, bacon and avocado makes me want to dance with happiness. After the food coma is over, that is.


 What to do?

Fremont Vintage Mall– Such a great place for special vintage finds. They have everything from music, movies, magazines, books, furniture and of course the best odds and ends for the nostalgic citizens of Seattle. It’s chock-filled with hipsters at any hour of the day… which in this case, is a good sign!


Fremont Sunday Market– Not just for food, though you can always find some great food trucks and specialty food items, like lavender or olive oil. The best part is more vintage finds. Adorable vintage furniture and knick knacks line the street filled with people every Sunday.



Fremont Troll- I saw this mysterious creature in (I’m embarrassing myself my mentioning this again, I know) 10 Things I Hate About You and had to know where it was in Seattle when I arrived. My aunt and cousins took me here and we took embarrassing touristy photos. I felt incredibly satisfied. He’s nothing special to a lot of people, but to me, he is.


Walk the Canal- I’ll let you in on a secret: my favorite place to be in all of Seattle is to walk the canal in Fremont and stop under the Aurora Bridge. You can see Capitol Hill across the lake, the house boats just in front of you and Queen Anne across the canal. Nothing has said more to me “You Live in Seattle Now” than the moment I discovered that spot.

Where to Shop?

Theo Chocolate– I’ve always wanted to take a tour of the factory (I just should already, right?) but I have been here to buy an embarrassing amount of chocolate. And it is SO GOOD

Les Amis– Perfect clothes for classy ladies, but a bit pricey.

Portage Bay Goods– Great for little gifts for kids and fun adults.

Gold Dogs– It’s a bit hidden, but a great place to find that perfect vintage flannel you’ve been searching for, or a great accessory that you’ve never known that you needed.

Burnt Sugar– Another great spot for gifts… maybe an accessories or shoes that strike your fancy.

Book Larder– Probably my second favorite store in all of Seattle. It’s a bookstore. For cookbooks. That’s it. It’s basically heaven.


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