Queen Anne

This was my neck of the woods for a few years, but originally I was really against living there. It’s a great place to live because it’s on an extremely steep hill therefore super safe and really quiet… even though it’s in the middle of the city. It’s also an area that many of those who are pretty well off choose to live, because of the great views. The only thing is, if you don’t have a car, it’s very difficult to get around and a big trek if you’re going up the hill! There’s not that much to do, admittedly, but the few things you can do in the neighborhood are really fun and laid back.

What to do?

-Parks galore! Kerry Park is the BEST view of downtown Seattle (plus a scene from 10 Things I Hate About You was filmed there! )

-If you drive half a mile down the street from Kerry Park, you’ll find the best park view in Seattle with a beautiful view of the Sound, West Seattle and the islands. Just behind is Parsons Gardens where I would love to get married someday. It’s a tiny, perfect garden oasis.


-Seattle Center has so much to see and do, but my favorite places are the EMP Museum for an inspiring trip and the International Fountain for the perfect place to cool off on a hot summer day . Oh yeah, and that super famous landmark… the Space NeedleIMG_1334

SIFF Cinema has a great mix of popular movies,  really obscure ones and the classics. It’s not the most elegant theater, and definitely not the largest, but the beautiful shining marquee draws me in every time. I’ve seen a lot of really memorable films there.

Where to shop?

Stuhlbergs and Three Birds have great odds and ends. They are the perfect places to look for a gift for someone that is hard to shop for!

Video Isle is a video rental store that is somehow still in business. And it’s awesome.

Queen Anne Book Company is small, but with a fantastic selection.


What to eat?

Toulouse Petit is a wonderful restaurant for brunch, appetizers or a wonderful dinner. The atmosphere is gorgeous (but boisterous and busy) and the food is a spectacular New Orleans-inspired food. I tried my first snails here!


-I’ve been to How to Cook a Wolf only once, and would’ve loved to go back several times, if it wasn’t so pricey! The size is intimate and dark, the food was rich with unexpected pasta flavors.

-Seattleites like Pho and anyone who’s experienced a Seattle winter knows why. Pho Viet Anh is my favorite pho place in all of Seattle and has grown more popular in the last few years. It makes me happy to see them making upgrades to the restaurant, but part of me resents having to share my favorite secret pho spot.


-Ok, so you can’t eat coffee, but you sure can enjoy it at Caffe Ladro, El Diablo Coffee Shop, or Caffe Fiore. Really good coffee and even better people watching! Ladro and Diablo are right off Queen Anne Blvd and Ladro is in a quieter piece of the neighborhood, but near Kerry Park.


Via Tribunali just makes me feel cool when I’m eating there. This super rustic, dark Italian environment makes munching on thin crust pizza feel sexy and mysterious. The Margherita is the best!



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