This big, historic, Nordic neighborhood reminds me of Maine. Once you’re there, I think you’ll understand why! The industrial factories mix with aged buildings and cobbled streets in one the of hippest Seattle neighborhoods. The people are almost freakishly friendly and it’s the neighborhood where hipsters go to grow up! Everyone with a flannel and a beard in Capitol Hill has their first baby and moves to Ballard!


What to do?

The Sunday Farmers Market– year round, best selection and huge crowds, especially during the summer

The Locks– admittedly not the best entertainment, but a great place to sunbathe or curl up and read a book on the grass

Golden Gardens– THE best beach in Seattle, runs alongside the train tracks and feels secluded. Great in the summer or the winter.

Library– the best location in Seattle with a beautiful interior and exterior… and selection

Majestic Bay Theaters– A perfect tiny theater


Where to shop?

Secret Garden Books– one of the best bookstores, great selection, super tiny space

Annie’s Art- custom framing mixed with the coolest, random finds in Seattle. Maybe my favorite store in the city.

DIGS– My mom found this little gem and we fell in love with their amazing style

Ballard Reuse-Too insane and cluttered and dirty for me, but is a graveyard of beautiful, unique, used home goods

Lucca– Another great store for odds and ends and special finds.


Where to eat?

Volterra– Wow, this is a GREAT place for a super romantic date

Hotcakes– I have eaten these delicious molten dessert cakes an embarrassing number of times

Ballard Pizza Company- Some of the best pizza in an awesome environment


Walrus and the Carpenter– Not super hungry but could eat a few oysters in an adorable environment? Stop in early so there isn’t a wait!

Hattie’s Hat- Best diner food in Seattle that I’ve found!


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