West Coast Tour 2015

Ok, just kidding.We didn’t go on tour.

Before we went to California we had a bit of a panic moment. We had originally wanted to buy a nice camera for the occasion, something that would cost quite a chunk of change. Of course, we hemmed and hawed for so long, that the fancy camera before the trip just wasn’t going to happen. Though I love taking photos on my phone (hello Instagram!) John really wanted a camera to hold. So the he went out and bought two disposable cameras just before we left. The store didn’t even know that they carried disposable cameras anymore! 

Of course, the photos aren’t great. In fact, some of them were downright bad. But they have a very grainy, saturated quality, that reminds me of photos of my parents when they were my age. And the weird lighting, off center quality and random blurs remind me of old band photos. Like if we were Nirvana, we would’ve probably written on all the photos with Sharpie and taped them to our walls. (Of course, bands now are still taking Polaroids… so please don’t call us hipsters!) But these photos feel special. They feel like the trip. The random moments, the big exciting moments, they were all captured!


7152013 (2)1215 (2)19 (2)20 (2)111923 (2)22 (2)5 (2)26 (2)17Finally, everyone thinks California looks like a beach. This is what my hometown looks like:



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