Dress It Up


I had come across the perfect dresser at a Goodwill back home years ago. It was a mid-century style, wooden dresser that was tall and thin, with skinny little legs. I was in no place to be purchasing new furniture (I was graduating from college with no idea of what I was going to do next) and had no place to store anything (no childhood room to come back to for me!) but could not stop thinking about that dresser that slipped through my fingers for years.

For years, my dilemma was that I could not afford a dresser… have you seen the cost of those things?! I had to make do with little clear tupperware shelving for everything from my delicates to my sweaters. But after years of frugality, and wondering if I could really afford that $5 bus trip, I finally have switched my mindset around to realize that I can afford to buy some nice things. So I stuck with what I know, Craigslist. I figured if I looked long enough, I could find the perfect dresser for a price that wouldn’t give me a heart attack. And look I did! I became familiar with most furniture salespeople on Craigslist and an 2 month long email chain finally resulted in the prize: a dresser!

For only $150, I was able to get a tall, mid century dresser made of wood with skinny legs. It might gross you out, but I kind of loved that I found a pair of pantyhose stuck to the back of a drawer. I hope the old lady it belonged to loved it just as much as I do! I’d like to change the nickel knobs to brass and I’ll have to re-stain it at some point, but I honesty don’t mind the scratches for the time being. I’m just happy that my clothes are easy to find and not buried in the depths of my closet!



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