From The Woods

John had never seen a redwood. I was pretty certain I had never seen a redwood. (Hard to forget, I know, but most people aren’t as forgetful as me!) After a long few days of spending time with LOTS of family members in California, we were ready for some quite, serene time, just for us. We spent the night outside the city, at a small motel in the Mill Valley, and woke up early the next day to explore Muir Woods. As I woke, I was so upset to see the sun streaming in through the curtains. I had wanted John to see the redwoods in their true element, fog, but as we drove down the steep hairpin turns down into the valley, I knew I’d gotten my wish. The fog wasn’t just thick, it was dense,  moist and cold. My hair turned into an afro about 5 minutes in.

IMG_2390I think my favorite part had to be the mix of people there. An old Chinese woman yapping away in Mandarin, an elderly black man being pushed in a wheelchair, a yoga-pants-wearing soccer mom yelling at her kids, a group of Germans huddled together speaking softly, a class of little kids tripping over their feet as they gazed upwards, and Italians wearing leather jackets with bejeweled tigers embroidered on them. I even heard a British man tell his son, “John, look up son. These are the biggest trees you will ever see.” There was something very communal about this random bunch of visitors. We were all in awe of these massive trees. 2014-11-10 10.35.512014-11-10 10.36.35

Look! A small tree squirrel with an afro!



Damn treehuggers.

2014-11-10 10.44.22IMG_24002014-11-10 10.59.35

John’s camera somehow captured TWO suns! I guess thats just how magical the day was!

It felt strange to leave the quiet, wet forest and head straight back into fast-paced city life, for the airport.


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