A Few Good Ones


The other day John mentioned that my two best friends (not including him) where my mom and my little sister and I wholeheartedly agreed. It’s hard not to be close in proximity to my sister, but when we talk on the phone, it’s just like she’s in the room. I know she misses us in Washington, and we miss her too. Times had definitely been challenging for my two best friends and I was glad to be there and hold my little (but incredibly tall) sister’s hand during the worst of it!


We spent our second day in California mostly spending time with Brenna. We stopped by her house where she graciously offered John her Darth Vader mug for morning coffee and let me chase her cat Daisy around the house. Then we had brunch at Babe’s, a cute old diner that we’ve gone to forever.

2014-11-07 09.08.26

We then showed John the sights around town (not many) and spent the rest of our time idling around town, shopping and playing, until we met up with Bri for a late lunch. I’ve always stuck to the motto that it’s better to have a few great friends rather than a dozen good acquaintances, and Bri has definitely always been a great friend. In the past few years, lots of time passes between our calls or chances to see each other, but every time I see her I’m incredibly inspired by all she does.


PS: These pictures were taken in Mary’s Pizza Shack, my all-time favorite restaurant!


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