If You’re Going to San Francisco…

IMG_2321 Our first day in California was an eventful one! After landing, we picked up our VIP rental car and headed straight to Chinatown. We drove north and as soon as we turned the corner, John was amazing at how BIG San Francisco really is. It was so cool to see it through his eyes! 2014-11-06 11.15.07

Have you seen Big Trouble in Little China? It was a big deal for John growing up. Do you see that little bit of red undershirt that he’s wearing? That’s a Big Trouble in Little China T-shirt! It’s a super macho, cheesy 80’s action movie where Kurt Russell wears a muscle shirt and knee high moccasin boots. Seriously. The movie takes place in Chinatown, so we mostly just wanted to walk down the little alleyways and peek on old men playing mahjong and old ladies hanging out laundry. We finally decided on a restaurant where we were the only white people (score!) and the world’s yummiest chow mein (double score!) IMG_2329 IMG_2331Next, I was really pining to stop by the Ferry Building on the Embarcadero.  Mostly for Blue Bottle Coffee, but also to buy host gifts for everyone that we stayed with! After standing in a crazy long line at Blue Bottle (I’m still a fan, but man, it’s not really worth the wait!) I stopped by Miette Cakes and was amazed to see a high school classmate behind the counter. Sometimes the world feels so tiny, and I got a free slice of cake! (Thank you Brea!) IMG_2332 2014-11-06 14.14.37IMG_2335

IMG_23372014-11-06 14.15.25 IMG_2347John really wanted to do the touristy things, which I mostly groaned at, but  I decided Lombard Street was something touristy that we could handle, and even though the Bay Bridge is a bit faster of a commute, I decided that the Golden Gate was worth the detour! It was a beautiful, clear day in San Francisco and the perfect view for John to see the city.


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