Fall Musings

Today it was pitch black dark outside at about 5pm. Welcome to winters in the Pacific Northwest! Oi Vey.

While I do love fall, the sweaters, the leaves changing, the baking… I dread Seattle winters with every fiber of my being.


I think the reason I appreciate these tiny fall details so much is that I’m preparing for months of grey and drizzle.

I know I complain too much! The summers here are gorgeous, better than anywhere else. And the transition months are beautiful in very different ways as well. It’s just the winter that kills me.


October is one of those kind of perfect months in Seattle where the weather is a real fall… nothing that I ever truly experienced in California.

This October…


We celebrated this guys 10 year of awesome with burgers and ice cream.


I attended my very first conference! I felt like such a super cool adult, and all my teammates teased me for taking copious notes like a nerd. I left feeling inspired and knowing that what I do, I am truly passionate about.


I went coffee-tasting around my neighborhood with Chris, my ultimate coffee-snob friend! There’s a lot of really terrible coffee out there, but we had fun.


I did not dress up for Halloween. For the first time ever. This year I just didn’t feel inspired, the people I was around weren’t excited for Halloween and it really put a damper on things. We did take the kids trick or treating in Seattle (Batman and a banana of all costumes) and they really had a lot of fun, which was great to see. Plus, they got a huge haul of candy!

October was definitely been a busy, exciting month. We did so many new things, that I think we didn’t really have a chance to stop and think about all of them. I did my first yoga class in 5 years. John and I had a real dinner party. We attended a chowder/Halloween party and a regular Halloween party. We got a lamp (it’s a bigger deal than it sounds). We made some big changes and big decisions that have undoubtably made our lives a lot more stressful and hectic. While October was really action-packed, and therefore lots of fun, it was definitely a disappointing month for me, and a stressful month.

We are looking forward to our trip to California next week (!!!!) and after that, the holidays are going to take over everyone’s lives. I’m just going to try to take things one step at a time.




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