Punkin Punkin

IMG_2204I’m a creature of habit and I love traditions. For me, it’s important to start building those traditions right away… and so far our biggest tradition is the Pumpkin Patch during October. We went last year and the kids surprised us by the fun they had. They remembered the smallest details all year long!


We really could’ve put a bit more thought into this year’s trip… we didn’t really think through the whole “it’s been raining for a week” thing. The fields were super muddy and both kids managed to slip and fall in the sunflower maze.


Plus, it was pretty cold, and sprinkling the entire time. And traffic stunk. And lunch made us all feel a bit queasy. So honestly, it wasn’t the greatest trip. As the official trip planner, I felt like a bit of a failure.


But honestly, the kids remained in pretty great spirits. They even insisted on staying longer, to take the hay bale ride, because they didn’t want to “wait an entire year” for the next opportunity. (which means they want to come back next year! eek! success!)


After running errands, making dinner and washing the mud from all our shoes and clothes… we finally got to carving pumpkins late at night and I passed out shortly after. But the kids oohed and aahed over the final result… that was pretty darn cute and felt pretty rewarding.


I bought one of these adorable grey pumpkins for my mom! Everyone there called them green or blue… but I swear they only look grey too me! Supposedly they are Australia’s most popular pumpkin for pie? Regardless… they are super cute.


Just moments before the entire thing toppled on him.


“We’re the same height… see?” Suuuure Gabriel. Suuuure.


This cutie makes it all worth it.


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