Home Tour

The older I get, the more minimalist I become.

I could pack and move all of my things within a few hours without breaking a sweat.

Now, more than ever, I appreciate homes that are bright, white, clean and still cozy.


I came across Kate Davidson’s apartment tour for The Everygirl on Pinterest. Oddly enough, I found the BATHROOM so cute that I actually clicked through to read the article and oh my, am I glad I did!


Her home is exactly what I’d like my home to feel like. It’s definitely bright, it’s definitely white and it’s very mid century inspired without feeling sterile or sparse.


Though I’d consider myself to veer on the more “eclectic” side, I can see bits of this in her home as well. The beat up old dining room table found on Craigslist for $45 wasn’t sanded down or repainted. It was allowed to be beat up and handed down. And that was ok.


I sometimes tease John and say that our house looks like an Urban Outfitters catalog. It’s not that we don’t have nice things, it’s just that we don’t have the nicest things yet. Our style is actually pretty similar (I’m the first one to admit my personal style veers to the more masculine side) but the apartment looks pretty eclectic, and maybe a little more “bohemian” than I would like.


We are never going to be people who buy a bedroom set. We have more pieces from Ikea than I’d like to say. I’m ashamed to admit, I still keep my underthings in clear storage drawers in the closet, rather than investing in a dresser, like an normal adult. But still, I do feel like I’m getting closer to where I’d like to be.


Building a home is a process, I know. I also know that with each piece we buy (from Ikea or no) I am investing in a future. I’m setting down roots in a place and with things. I’ve gone so long hoping from one crappy apartment to another that I feel like I’m almost already to start improving on this place.


My first goal would be to improve our kitchen. Because right now our kitchen is kind of a disgusting place. The linoleum floors are peeling up and look permanently dirty. The walls are splattered with years of grease. The layout is funky. I actually showed a picture of this to John and said, LOOK, this is what our kitchen would look like if it were CUTE.


And the really funny thing is, I’m 100% right. This is pretty darn similar to what we live in now, just with fresh paint, better floors and a cute tile backsplash. It would definitely be an investment of time and money, but maybe, just maybe, we could start working on making out place just a little better. A little less “bohemian”. I think I’m ready for those roots.


PS: Kate Davidson is as cute as a button. Check our her home tour on The Everygirl.


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