Beginning to Feel Like Fall


It’s definitely started to feel like a change in the seasons! The sad part is the darkness, that it’s starting to get dark outside around 7pm… and I’m discovering that we desperately need a lamp for our living room! With no overhead light and no more evening sunsets to illuminate our living space, I’ve started to feel like I live in a really cute cave.

IMG_2128 Before the weather starts to take a turn for the worse, my friend Chris and I wanted to get a good hike that was easy enough for me, and had a scenic view too! I’ve already determined that most hikes I want to go on won’t really be possible in a few months. I have to get them in while I can now!


IMG_2143I managed to catch a doozy of a cold! I’ve felt like I’ve been fighting it off for about a month, with everyone at work sick, and all the kids going back to school, it was inevitable I guess. It was the sore throat, aches, chills, congestion… I had it all! I took a generous helping of sick time from work and laid on the couch, watching the entire first season of The Blacklist. Which is an INCREDIBLE show, and kept my attention enough so that I wasn’t hopping off the couch every few minutes like I normally do. 

IMG_2147While I was sick, John really kicked into a mad cooking and baking frenzy. The CSA has been delivering a LOT of winter squash and I personally am absolutely sick of it. I am over winter squash. But somehow, John keeps finding recipes that work. Maybe not recipes that I love (the photo above was a phenomenal meal, and squash-less) but I do respect that he’s trying to make it work. However, I will not be fooled. When I requested pumpkin chocolate cookies, he made me squash ones. I ate one, and was done!

IMG_2153 IMG_2155It might sound silly, but I’m not into the whole “pumpkin spice” thing. And I hate the smell of cinnamon. So all the candles out right now make me gag. We’ve made the switch to vanilla candles… which really just makes up hungry all the time!

   IMG_2053 IMG_2080The leaves are falling in Seattle and it makes me terribly sad. We have a huge, beautiful tree out our front window and when the leaves are gone it just looks so barren and desolate. John told me we can put a bunch of plants in the window to try and replace the beautiful tree that we will lose for about 6 months. For the time being though, the red leaves really are a super pretty sight to see.

PS: We are planning a trip to Northern California! It’s been almost two years since I’ve been back, and it will be John’s first time! He’s excited to see Chinatown (he says you had to grow up in the 80’s to get his fascination with Chinatown) and I’m excited to EAT. In n Out, Mary’s Pizza Shack, Mr. Pickles, Blue Bottle Coffee… oh my!


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