Food Fan Girl

I’m not usually a huge fan of most TV shows, but on occasion, I get completely obsessed with a new show.

That’s what happened with The High Road with Mario Batali on Hulu. And I have to admit, it’s a weird show to become obsessed with.


Every week, I tune in to watch a short 5-8 minute episode where Batali interviews famous people in New York City. Oh, and it’s filmed in black and white. Sounds weird, right? Why would I get so excited about a show that lasts 7 minutes? But it’s fascinating and heartfelt and wonderful show. You get a sense that Batali is 100% in his element and genuinely talks as a friend to these people. The Liv Tyler episode? She a girl crush of mine. You truly get a sense that Anthony Bourdain is a close friend of Batalli’s. The funniest episode had to be Jimmy Fallon’s. The most surprising? Venture capitalist Fred Wilson was really kind of cool.

I was never a fan girl of Mario Batalli’s like everyone else seems to be. I never watched his shows, went to his restaurants or read his books, but I did read Heat, a memoir written by a writer who dropped his career to work in Batalli’s kitchen at Babbo. I didn’t expect it to be as great as it turned out to be, but it was a great book for a lot of reasons, but also with insight into who Batalli really is as a person. After I read the book and I was intrigued and even ate at Batalli’s family’s deli, Salumi.

Anywho… I think you should check the show out and if you’re looking for a cool memoir about cooking/food/working in a restaurant, check out Heat!


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