More Summer Things

IMG_1762We went to our friend’s house warming party and they had a giant fig tree, bursting with ripe figs. Naturally, I had to get a picture of my fresh figs and my lemon print sundress! IMG_1768 IMG_1774I’ve been dying to hike more! I actually borrowed a book from the library that dives into all Washington hikes and I’ve bookmarked dozens of them! I want to start getting into better shape (my poor friend had to listen to me panting through half of this hike), but in a relaxed, beautiful way! There are rainforests and hot springs and volcanoes… all within 100 miles of where I am now! What is stopping me?IMG_1787Though he is white, very, very white (see next picture) my boyfriend makes a mean kimchi! I grew up hating all “spicy foods” and yet this incredibly spicy food never bothered me one bit. My mom, sister and I munched on it constantly when I was young. John doesn’t really like kimchi much, though he loves spicy foods, but he whipped up this first perfect batch that tasted just like the brand I loved most growing up! IMG_1803Rare is the opportunity for me to take my pale, freckly red head out into the sun for more than a half an hour. We spent a wonderful 20 minutes sitting beside the fountain at Seattle Center, watching the kids play. IMG_1810 I’m an embarrassing cat mom and there’s nothing I love more than spending more cat cuddle time on the weekends. I call their hairy paws hobbitsies feetsies.


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