Some Things in August

IMG_1845 IMG_1846Prada would approve of this outfit. I wish I dressed this adventurous every day.

IMG_1858There’s a lot of things I don’t love about my neighborhood. The smokers, the homeless bums, the griminess of the winter and the dustiness of the summer, the stupid “hippy” kids running around… but I have to stop and remember that there are some incredibly wonderful things too. Though they are lacking in views, the parks are spectacular and a really good place for me to unwind.

IMG_1867One Sunday I convinced my mom to go to the beach with me and she showed up with wet hair tossed into a fedora and a maxi dress flying in the wind. Quite a big departure from my super fancy, but oh-so fabulous mom from just a year ago! I had hoped that she would relax when she got to Seattle, and worry about her appearance less… and she has even more than I could’ve hoped! (And she looks even more gorgeous)IMG_1879IMG_1881I’ve been dying to see Mood Indigo since 2012. The movie was phenomenal… quirky, colorful, manic, rushed, dark, sad, dreary… and it starred my two favorite French actors. I felt like I lived in a Mood Indigo dream days after seeing it. IMG_1885
I HATE doing the dishes. The only thing that makes the experience tolerable for me is listening to music. So I had it in my mind that I would buy a cute, cheap radio and save John the torture of another stack of dirty dishes. This one was from Anthropologie fit the bill. I even found an AM station that does 50’s music at 5:00. Now you know where to find me at 5:00!

IMG_1888   I meant to buy a pour over, I really did. But I wanted to splurge on myself and I thought, why not take it a step higher? So I bought the Chemex. I haven’t gotten it completely figured out yet… but I’m happy with my new technique! I’m still finding the right grind size and the right coffee beans for me. Plus, the one thing I skimped on was a kettle and oh how wrong I was. That darn tea kettle gives me grief every morning!

IMG_1910These beauties lasted me a full 2 days… but they were bright, colorful, beautiful days.


I explored Carkeek Park alone and immediately felt at peace. The tiny shaded rivers and the hot, sunny beach were exactly what I needed.

IMG_1936 I’m obsessed with eggs benedict now. This brunch in an overlooked diner in Pike Place was perfect.


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