Birthday Photo Booth


One of my most favorite movies in the world is Amelie, so when my birthday came around, I had it in my head that my birthday wish was to visit a photo booth.

One, because Amelie is the best movie ever.

Two, because everyone looks fantastic in a photo booth.

And three, I’ve never had someone to take photo booth photos with, and I thought June was the perfect time to celebrate that I have one!


We found an old photo booth just a few blocks from our house in a bar of all places. The first strip is hilariously awkward (cutting off half our faces, not knowing where the camera was) but by the second and third strip we really got the hang of it. And I’m convinced that I could pass as Megan Fox in one of them (not shown here). The strips are on display in our apartment and they really are something I will treasure forever.


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