Leaning In and Taking the Next Steps

bookI’m not ashamed to be a feminist.

I’m so happy to be in the company of women like Sheryl Sandberg, who understand the importance of this label and feel compelled to take responsibility of their actions. If you are a woman with a professional career, or aspirations of one, please read her book, Lead In.

Don’t worry, Sandberg is very careful with the F-word and looks at the matter with humility. Her personal stories are relateable, and her hope for women isn’t unrealistic. She outlines very clearly in each chapter a strategy for getting closer to the mythical “having it all” ideal.

For me personally, this book came at the perfect time. I’ve been feeling lately that I haven’t been pushing myself in the same way that I once did. I haven’t been staying current or building my skill set like I was a couple of years ago. The book inspired me to opt for a mentor, take an online class and an in-person class for the month of February! I’ve even put a dent in some of the studying I’ve been meaning to do for an optional test at work! It’s definitely all feeling a bit overwhelming right now, but I know ultimately it will pay off for me!



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