That Kind of Perfect Feeling

IMG_5150  IMG_5167 IMG_5172

I never imagined that I would someday find myself at a Lego convention. Mostly because I never played with them as a kid, but also because just thinking of attending a convention makes me anxious. I’m the first person to admit that crowds, lines and deafening volumes all don’t exactly rub me the right way! But BrickCon was at Seattle Center, it was a beautiful day and I felt completely relaxed.

The convention itself was all the above, and more, due to the fact that more than half the people in the room were small children. However, the builds were fascinating and really, really beautiful. There was even a Lego Hogwarts! The attention to detail was astounding, the Fat Lady, the Quittich field, the dungeons were all there. Just like a little kid, I’d find myself lost because I stared at a display for too long!


IMG_5202 IMG_5203 IMG_5204 What made the day truly heavenly was what happened after the convention. It was early October, and definitely scarf and boot weather, but when we left it was sunny and warm. We sat beside the huge, musical fountain at Seattle Center, watching the kids run in and out, soaking themselves. Looking around, EVERYone looked happy, peaceful, content. It was one of those surreal moments were you feel so relaxed and wonderful that you feel like you might burst.

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