Nana & Papa in Seattle!


A few months ago, my grandparents told me that they were thinking about driving through Seattle on their annual November drive from Maine to California. I told them I would be so happy to have them in Seattle and before I knew it, November was here!

My first year in Seattle was pretty lonely at times, but it seemed as if someone was always visiting, so there was always something to look forward to! Last week was a perfect example of this. My mom’s best friend came to stay and after we dropped her off at the airport, we headed out to dinner with my Nana and Papa! Because they were only staying one more day, I decided to take the day off from work and give them a real Seattle tour… and we definitely did that!

Our first stop was the Space Needle! I’m petrified of heights, but it seems a little weird that I’ve lived here almost 2 years and haven’t been to the top since I was 6! They loved being able to see the layout of the city and all the things there are to do!

IMG_5536 IMG_5538 IMG_5540

Our next stop was something that I’ve always wanted to do, The Underground Tour! Most people don’t realize that most of the downtown portion of Seattle was built on another city when a fire burnt down most structures. The regrade kept the city at a higher elevation and away from the tides coming in! The tour was short and sweet, only about an hour, and wasn’t too large of a tour, only about 4 city blocks worth of walking! About 6 months ago, I had read a book about the Pioneer Square neighborhood when I found out that it was where I was going to be working. I was fascinated by all the history involved in that portion of the city!

Because of the book, I found out that the purple glass blocks in the sidewalks were actually skylights to the rest of the city below. What I found out on the tour, was that because of the additives in the glass, typically the glass will turn purple after 10 years. Because Seattle is so dark and cloudy most of the year, it took 35 years to turn purple! My experience with the tour wasn’t entirely pleasant though, and I probably would never go on it again because of the smells. One room in particular was so strong-smelling that I thought I was either going to faint or vomit in front of the 40+ people on the tour! It might’ve also had something to do with the fact that they chose that time to talk about the underground rat population in Seattle as well!

IMG_5545 IMG_5548

After a late lunch at Cafe Campagne (seriously one of my favorite restaurants in Seattle, the perfect French ambiance and food!) I took them down to Pike Place and tricked them! They hadn’t really heard of Pike Place before visiting, but I figured that it was an important staple to Seattle and something that anyone could appreciate! Boy was I right! Just after we left the restaurant, I had them stop by to pick up a pack of gum each and I asked them to chew one piece. They thought I was telling them that they’re breath smelled bad until we turned the corner and saw the gum wall! At first, the look on their face was one of confusion, then maybe a little terror, and then they laughed about it! Nana marched right up to pose for photos, but it took Papa a little coaxing to place his gum on there!

We then picked up some tasty mini-cheesecakes and explored the market… my grandpa even rode the pig! He tipped the statue girl (you can see her in the background of the picture above) and I loved seeing her scare the bejeezus out of the little kids walking by! A Wednesday afternoon was the perfect time to see the booths and the flying fish! We headed home that night completely exhausted, but I think it was the perfect 24 hour tour!

Anyone else up for coming to Seattle? I’d love to give another tour!

IMG_5550 IMG_5553 IMG_5557

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