A Day at the Pumpkin Patch!


Just behind the 4th of July, Halloween typically takes the cake as my second favorite holiday. This year, though, I felt like Halloween would never end. I talked about Halloween for months at work with clients, but also with my co-workers. I knew that Halloween had been a big deal at the company the year before and I was desperately hoping that my teammates would be up for a group costume! As the day approached, I had to throw together a last minute costume and a party I was really looking forward to cancelled. When the day finally came, not ONE person understood my costume (I was dressed as Marie Antionette… I guess no one as interested in French history/fashion as I am?) and just about everyone at work was dressed as a cat (least original idea ever!). That night I was so tired that we ended up putting on Harry Potter and falling asleep halfway through. It was the anticlimactic end to an anti climactic day. Bah Humbug!

Luckily though, I do have ONE positive memory of this year’s Halloween season. Right around the beginning of October I was itching for a trip to a pumpkin patch! We packed in the car on a drizzly, grey day and went exploring. It felt so wonderful to be able to pick out a pumpkin that wasn’t sitting in front of a grocery store! The farm was super family-friendly and filled with mazes, games, and lot of silly photo ops.


That afternoon we carved our pumpkins while eating a yummy meal and watching The Hobbit. For some, the joy of seeing the final result (mine was the Cheshire Cat) was somewhat outweighed by all the gross nasty pumpkin guts. But I think everyone had fun for it being a first-time experience!


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