IMG_4659Trying to top a day of sunbathing at the beach, eating greasy burgers and reading nerdy books is nearly impossible. I’m not sure much else could’ve made that day more perfect! I’m trying my hardest to soak in the few days of summer that I have left!

IMG_4672New mens button ups are the best thing to sleep in!

IMG_4678Now I actually SMELL like summer. I’m considering wearing this scent for the entire year, hoping that even in the darkest days of winter, I’ll catch a whiff of myself and be taken back to sunshine-y days and sundresses. IMG_4683I told myself that in my new place, I was going to cook more. So far, I haven’t really taken the time to try much… but everything I HAVE cooked has been delicious! I’m hoping that I can buckle down and create some really amazing dishes and some delicious baked goods out of that oven in the near future!

IMG_4726It’s official. I live in a house with 3 cats. I’m 100% a crazy cat lady. The weird thing is… I’m not even ashamed of it! Of course, I’m not exactly proud of it… but I’m weirdly enjoying it. IMG_4728The past few weeks have been a whirlwind of happiness for me. I’ve been completely and totally wrapped up, without taking a moment to really let it sink in. Maybe I’m afraid that if I do stop, just for a second, it’ll all disappear. I’m just trying to soak it in as much as I can!

IMG_4741 Painted red nails AND flat shoes? It’s a miracle!


Bacon Bloody Marys… better in theory. But still really goshdarn cute.


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