My Day as a “Model”

I have an addiction… to Instagram. I’ve even had dreams where I stop to take an Instagram photo! I check my feed religiously and I post silly pictures of my cats and coffee. I even have Instagram crushes. No… these aren’t on hunky men with beards and glasses… they’re usually adorable married photographer couples that I’ve never met/will ever meet. Sort of weird, I know. One day I stumbled on a profile of an adorable photographer who was leading the cutest life with her husband and living in my neighborhood! It must’ve been my incessant “likes” to her photos that finally got her attention because she started following my Instagram feed and we started emailing. To my surprise/embarrassment, she asked if I would be interested in modeling for a personal ethereal shoot that she had in mind. I quickly wrote back that I was in no way, shape or form a model! The basic facts: I’m 5’4″ on a good day, I don’t have the world’s best skin and I’m by no means model-thin. Most of my Instagram photos aren’t of me… and I wanted her to be sure that she knew what she was getting herself into! She was very sweet about it and asked that I be in the shoot regardless.

The day I showed up for the shoot, I found out that Ruth was the most kind, gentle person I’ve met and welcomed us into her home to do our hair and makeup! The other girls were so nice and made the experience feel fun and natural! It was the first time in over a year that anyone had taken a picture of me with an actual camera (not an iPhone) and I think the pictures turned out amazing!

YaroPhoto7 Aren’t her tattoos the coolest?

YaroPhoto12 She reminded me so much of Jennifer Lawrence!

YaroPhoto5 It sounds weird, but I like my eyebrows. They’ve always had a really natural shape to them and for some reason, I really like how they look in this shoot!

YaroPhoto6 YaroPhoto10 These pictures turned out so beautiful that it makes me want to cry! Definitely my favorites.

YaroPhoto8 Coming from the girl who never does ANYthing to her hair… this has to be the most dramatic hairstyle that I’ve ever had! Not pictured: the bee that crawled up my dress and got stuck in the lace!

Yarophoto9 Ruth had used eyelash glue to attach flower petals to her eyes and I think she looked absolutely amazing.

YaroPhoto14 I usually don’t wear eye shadow, so the makeup for the shoot was very different than what I was used to! She focused on more natural colors with no eyeliner or lipstick.

YaroPhoto16 The lighting was perfect when we were in Discovery Park!

YaroPhoto22 My goodness I think she’s so pretty! I loved that we could use billy balls in her hair too!

YaroPhoto18-1 Our last stop was in the grasses by the beach in Discovery Park, just as the sun disappeared. We laid out huge pieces of lace and piled on top of them.

YaroPhoto21 Does it kind of remind you of The Virgin Suicides? I couldn’t get that out of my mind as we were taking the pictures here!

YaroPhoto15 I plucked this dress out of my “donate” stack last minute… I was convinced that I was going to give away the dress and then Ruth decided to go with it! I was just happy that I was able to wear my favorite color!

1006200_589345601087377_9814097_n If you’re looking for an amazing photographer in Seattle… look no further! You can check out both Ruth and Nate’s work on their Facebook page Yaro Photography and their blog Yaro Photography. You can check out more of the shoot here! Feel free to follow Ruth on Instagram and if you’re not already, follow me too!


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