Friendship Lost

I’m absolutely a believer in the idea that everything happens for a reason.

The other day I met someone who I just didn’t click with. The humor, the cadence, the conversation was all… off. Way off. Everything that I felt strongly about, the stranger could’ve cared less about. This person had no goals, no true passions and no roots in anything. They wanted to hear the sound of their own voice over mine. I was interchangeable to this person, a time filler and not much more. The stranger left feeling perfectly happy, because they treat everyone in this manner… but I felt empty. Just following our conversation I took a long ride home and I was busy the entire ride just thinking over what had just happened. Suddenly, when I got home, it hit me. This person had reminded me of one of my best friends. A friend I’ve had for several years and who I’ve let treat me in this exact way for several years.


We all choose the love we deserve. I had allowed for one of my best friends, someone I trusted with my deepest secrets and happiest moments, to treat me like I didn’t matter. I started to think that if I had met my friend today, rather than several years ago, I might not actually want to be friends with them at all. I had become interchangeable and one of many, rather that someone that they loved and cherished. And as much as I’m convinced that this person truly does love me, in their own way, I’ve probably let this go on for far too long and in doing so, lost the true friendship along the way.

Honestly, I don’t have many friends. The ones I do have, I keep for a long time and I love deep down to my bones. Maybe someday, this person will see what I mean and understand why I have to step away.


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