I’m Too Old For This

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I’m being completely honest when I say that I’ve never had a desire to attend the Solstice parade in Fremont. Most of what I’d heard was that it was a parade consisted of naked people riding bikes. That description alone had convinced me that the parade was not my cup of tea and most likely the last place on Earth that I’d like to be.

However, once I was there I quickly found out that I was… absolutely right. It was HOT. It was the most crowded I’d seen anywhere in Seattle, including Fourth of July last year! Everyone was stinky and sweaty. I saw so many saggy boobs and hairy butts. People were cranky and mean. Everyone was smoking. I am just too much of an old lady for these kind of events! I love you Fremont, but I am never going back for your parade.

I spent the entire rest of the day trying to unwind, rewarding myself with bookstores and ice cream and lounging in parks… things that are definitely more of my pace! That day just wiped me out! I’m pretty sure that I’m still recovering from our 24 hours of Pike’s Place + Solstice Parade + Capitol Hill + Ballard bar hopping!

2 thoughts on “I’m Too Old For This

  1. Besides the nakeds, how do you feel about living in Seattle? We’ve been bit by the wanderlust bug once again and are seriously considering Seattle (or near there) next, but have no clue if we’d like it!

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