Bri’s So-Called Life


On Bri’s first day in Seattle, we basically walked all throughout Queen Anne, Fremont and Ballard and tried our hardest not to be a Seattle cliche. In the end though, we wore floral dresses with boots and Bri wore plaid with lots of denim. We ate in cool restaurants, shopped in cool stores that we bought nothing in and posed for cheesy Troll pictures! I had in mind a sexy, 20-something bar-hopping Friday night, but instead our long, hot day of exploring was capped by a late night showing of Monsters University. That’s a rated G movie, fellas. I’m quite a catch, I know. I laughed SO HARD in that movie.

By the way, ain’t she purdy? Goodness, I think so! She’s my real-life Mindy Lahiri, but Mexican. I always thought that we were good friends in high school, but I guess we actually became a lot closer in college. I think it had something to do with a Jewish frat and shaving our legs. Either way, I’m so lucky that she’s in my life.

Also, if you’re considering it, please come to Seattle to visit! I’m such a good host! I’ll take you to all the coolest places and I’ll make you coffee in the morning! And I stick to my side of the bed, never hogging the covers!


IMG_4042 IMG_4054 IMG_4037 IMG_4032 IMG_4029 IMG_4025


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