Pike Place Cont.

IMG_4133 Most people think that Pike Place is a really touristy spot in Seattle… and that’s only partly true. EVERY time I’m in Pike Place, I see someone that I know. Someone who definitely lives in Seattle.

When I worked downtown, we would get lunch at Pike Place all the time, because the restaurants are fantastic! It’s just a unique spot where you can buy pretty flowers, unusual cooking materials and people watch like crazy! Plus, if you’re a book person like me, there’s this really cool, whimsical secondhand bookshop located in the lower levels. It feels like something straight out of Harry Potter… the books are stacked so precariously and whilly nilly that you have to be aware of your elbows and desire to sneeze at all times… or everything could come toppling down on you! The best part? The books are AMAZING. I’ve bought way too many.

The only downside to P.P. is that I wouldn’t recommend visiting on a sunny day… or a weekend. The crowds totally drive me bonkers! IMG_4131 IMG_4130IMG_4129 IMG_4141IMG_4170 IMG_4169


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