My Thoughts on the Man who is Called Super

Screen shot 2013-06-16 at 4.41.10 PM I saw Man of Steel in a packed theater on a Friday night. I did the whole IMAX/3D thing. This is a far cry from my typical trip alone on a Saturday afternoon. I was excited! Thrilled! Full of anticipation!

And then… not so much.

The first 10 minutes were really incredible (way to go Russell Crowe!) and then slowly the movie became less good and just kind of worse. This could be explained by the fact that Superman begins the film looking like a fine specimen of MAN and then progresses into the typical pansy-man Superman look of perfectly coiffed hair and clean shaven face. But Amy Adams as Lois Lane disappointed me more than I could’ve ever imagined (they should’ve casted me, dammit!) I didn’t laugh, cry or feel scared or tense at all. They kept bringing Superman back home again and again and again. And the fight scene that ultimately took over the last third of the movie started out great! And then just got… old.

I left the theater genuinely confused. I don’t think I’d care to even watch this movie again. Poor Superman. Even the most handsome man ever created can’t save you.


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