I Love to Love Love

dd8906ac8ae08dadf4adf2a8a3b651baed52069a09bc25d4e7d1c6b60ba416c988b9be0273e2c55bec3d14459a485b61-1844587d157ef792901be2f59dc52aedd0cc9fa4e3a735373abcbdd5e5d286a19e003dc1335d9ca243c1c828509e39859dee503b187fc5377ff24cefc0b5377bc More than anything else in the entire world… I want to be in love. I love love. I wish everyone was in love.

I just want to love a man and that man to love me too… the rest will figure itself out.

I assure you, I don’t spend a lot of my time looking at these wedding blogs and engagement photos, but this is one that I couldn’t resist! They met when she took a missionary trip to South Africa. He was a shy local artist and she was an exuberant ex-cosmetologist. Their relationship was frowned on in South Africa, so they moved to California. They look SO HAPPY. And these photos make me miss the desert a lot!


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