Watch, Listen & Tell

Overall, May was a mixed bag of entertainment for me. I saw Iron Man, The Great Gatsby and Star Trek all in theaters and was blow away by all three in very different ways. And while I love my blockbusters, I usually rent older movies that I’ve been dying to see. This particular month I started several movies, only to stop halfway and give up on them entirely! Only a few movies and shows stood out in my mind:

1. The Wrestler.

Screen shot 2013-06-01 at 8.39.18 PM GEEZ this was an amazing movie. I was absorbed. I was enthralled. I was riveted by each movement, every sentence, every shot. I know it sounds like I’m over exaggerating, but I’m not. It’s a strange thing to love, but I adore fighting movies: Million Dollar Baby, Raging Bull, The Fighter… these are some of my most favorites, allowing me a peek into the mind of someone entirely unlike me.

2. Beaches

Screen shot 2013-06-01 at 8.45.09 PM This movie devastated me… in the best way, of course. I cried so hard that I started laughing, because I realized how completely pathetic I must’ve looked! This is such a perfect depiction of what love, friendship and soulmates looks like. The ability to be entirely yourself, the awkward tension, the hatred of certain characteristics. I’d like to think that this is really similar to what my relationship with my best friend looks like… her being the outgoing, talented one of course!

3. And I wanted to mention the final episode of Smash…

Screen shot 2013-06-01 at 8.50.36 PM

I LOVED Smash. I listened to music after every episode and anyone who is connected with me on Facebook or Spotify knows that I could not stop listening to “Broadway, Here I Come” and “Let Me Be Your Star”. I wrote a post about Smash early on in the first season (Smash-ing Success) singing it’s praises, and I can’t believe that it’s actually all coming to an end. I know it was extremely expensive to make… yada yada yada… but it was so worth it! I’ve finally come with terms with the fact that it won’t be returning in the fall, mostly because the finale “Tony’s” was incredible and really did the best job it could to tie everything up for me in a pretty bow.

4. Hannibal

Hugh-Dancy-as-Will-Graham I think this is one of the best shows on TV right now. It’s typically gross, but really dark and cryptic. The last episode had me afraid to fall asleep 3 nights in a row. So yeah… pretty scary too. The characters are so fascinating, the stories so interesting and so of course I’m assuming that it’ll be canceled after 12 episodes, 22 if I’m lucky! You can save it! Watch it on Hulu too!


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