Dreamy Dream Home


If you would’ve asked me 3 years,  2 years or 1 year ago, I would’ve told you that the thing I wanted most in the world was a sense of permanence. A newspaper delivered to my doorstep. A desktop computer. A dog. An address that I could put in check books and magazine subscriptions.

And yet, here I am again… only 10 months into a 1 year lease… itching for that next place, the next move. I’m still in love with Seattle (though the sense of loneliness has become almost entirely unbearable) but I’m started to detest my apartment. Rearranging furniture has suppressed my desire somewhat… but I’ve started to see the flaws I once found to be charming, to be un-ignorable. The old carpet. The god-awful kitchen cabinets. The “bone” painted walls (“ugly-dirty-gross white” is a better name for it!). That being said… this apartment has been by far the best renting experience I’ve had! Mostly meaning that there has been no fleas, no flooding, no rats and no insane neighbors. So I guess the bar hadn’t been set all that high!

Which brings me to what I’m searching for in my next place! In a turn of events that I’m incredibly excited about, I’ve finally convinced my mom to make the move to Seattle from Wisconsin and in a decision that will benefit both of us greatly, we’ve decided to share a place for a year, starting in July/August! I guess to most people, that decision might be a little… odd? Like, what 22 (ok, almost 23!) year-old wants to move in with her mom? Well, obviously I wouldn’t be moving in with my mom, we’re sharing everything evenly and saving a little extra chunk of change! Also, I don’t really have a normal relationship with my mom… and we’re probably a little too proud of our Gilmore Girl comparisons. If I’m being honest, it’s a decision that I’m a bit nervous about… mostly because I’m in love with my current neighborhood and a move will mean a new grocery store, park, library and bus route! Also, I’m basically going to forfeit my decorating style to live with my fashionista-interior-decorating mom!

But I’m also so excited to have her here with me. I can’t believe that it’s been over a year since I’ve last seen her! We’re going to be back to our annoying laughing fits in grocery store parking lots, intense battles over navigation and long reality TV marathons.


Isn’t this house the most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen? While searching for the new place I have a few requirements: 1. It has to be accessible by bus 2. There HAS to be hardwood floors and good lighting!

And if there’s a claw foot tub I might faint with happiness.


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