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This weekend was very, very quiet so incredibly pleasant. I read great books, caught up on amazing TV shows and sometimes just thought and allowed myself to think. I followed a thought until it flowed onto another thought. I let myself over-think and under-think and occasionally I found myself not thinking about much at all! I sometimes get so wrapped up in the details or overwhelmed with something as a whole, that I need to recenter myself once in a while!

Other things from the weekend:

-How adorable are those shoes?! My old ones were quite literally falling apart and during what I thought was going to be a fruitless shoe hunt, I found these beauties on a crazy good sale! If I was a shoe, this is what I’d look like.

-I made pancakes this weekend! I haven’t really cooked or baked much recently, but I’ve been meaning to pick it up again soon. Lazy cooking is sometimes the best!

-I tried my first cortado at my little neighborhood coffee shop! I’ve really become so much more adventurous with my coffee choices. Long gone are the days of “Um, can I get a hot cocoa?”

-The sun came out this weekend for a few solid hours! I’m missing the mini summer from a couple of weeks ago so badly now!

-I save ticket stubs from my favorite movies or favorite memories and keep them where I keep my keys! So occasionally, when I’m having a bad day I can in passing remember the time that I fogged up my 3D glasses at Toy Story with Kaity, or escaped San Diego heat to see Transformers 3D with Kevin!

-Peonies, poppies and irises are in full bloom at Pikes Place!

-When I’m reading on the couch, Cleo will lay on my butt. It’s the weirdest, cutest thing. Also, my hair is way, way too long.


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